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The International Institute for Islamic Studies (IIIS) is an educational and research Institute in Qom. It was established in 2009 due to the vast expansion of current needs in Islamic studies especially in western communities, aiming at progress, development and promotion of religious communications in international context through training competent seminary students for introducing the original Islam scientifically and methodically. This institute receives competent seminary students to study in the field of “Islamic Studies” in master's degree and PhD.


The goals of educational courses of this institute include:

1. Promotion and deepening the level of Islamic and Shi`ite Islamic studies taking into account the contemporary problems of mankind

2. Training required academic staff of the institute and other centers for teaching, research and supervision of theses

3. Training professional and competent researchers to introduce Islam in general and Shi‘ite Islam in particular in religious and scientific centers in the country or abroad and in international seminars and interfaith dialogues

4. Correcting negative ideas about Islam and answering orientalists’ questions about Islamic and Shī‘ite fundamental issues


Tasks and limits of the institute’s activities are:

1. Training teachers, researchers and scholars for international context

2. Publication of scientific journals in international languages

3. Holding academic conferences and meetings

4. To establish contact and cooperate with authoritative scientific, research and cultural centers around the world

5. Dispatching teachers as a means of cooperating with other international scientific and cultural centers


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