International Institute of Business (Ukraine)

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International Institute of Business
Established 1993
Rector Oleksandr Savchenko
Location Kiev, Ukraine

International Institute of Business (IIB-Ukraine) - Ukrainian Business School

Brief History of the Institute[edit]

1993 - International Institute of Business was founded in accordance with the Decree of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers as a non-profit, independent training and educational institution by the President’s Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration office and Central European University Foundation. The first President of IIB was Dr. Henryk Sterniczuk, Professor of Management and International Business of the University of New Brunswick.

1996 - IIB offers Ukrainian Program of Business Administration (UPBA) - the second higher education degree with majors in Marketing and Finance.

1997 - IIB became the first educational institution in Central and Eastern Europe accredited as CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK) study centre.

1998 - IIB launches Canadian Business Management Diploma Program of MacEwan Business School (Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton, Alberta), which was prepared according to the intergovernmental cooperation program financed by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

1999 - Ukrainian Program of Business Administration gets national accreditation by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as a post-graduate higher education degree program.

2000 - IIB starts nationwide projects "Competitiveness-2000" and "Director of the Third Millennium" for top-level managers of leading privatized Ukrainian enterprises. The projects were coordinated by the State Property Fund of Ukraine and financed by the World Bank.

2001 - IIB becomes the only provider of REFA International programmes (Germany). Executive MBA Program for top-managers and managing owners of growing Ukrainian companies was introduced.

2002 - IIB becomes an associate member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

2003 - IIB becomes a CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK) registered course provider and accredited computer based assessment (CBA) centre.

2004 - IIB becomes the first in Continental Europe accredited study centre of CIPR (the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK).

2005 - In cooperation with the oldest English-speaking Canadian university – University of New Brunswick (UNB) - IIB introduces its International MBA, the first in CIS program with North American Master of Business Administration degree. IIB becomes a member of the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)

2007 - IIB MBA programs had been accredited by Association of MBAs

2008 - IIB has established the Centre for Real Estate Development with the purpose to design and deliver educational programs for the professionals working in the area of real estate market.

2009 - International Institute of Business took part in a survey, provided by EDUNIVERSAL and was recognized as Business School № 1 for credibility in the market of business education in Ukraine and international influence.

2010 - International Institute of Business confirmed its status as the best business school of Ukraine, having been awarded the title “Excellent business school 2010”

2011 - The Institute was accredited as a higher education institution of level III by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.[citation needed]


Diploma Programs[edit]

Ukrainian Program in Business Administration (Second higher economic education with the following specializations)

  • Finances (specialization: Financial Management, Evaluation of property and property rights,)
  • Marketing (specialization: Brand Management, Category Management)

International MBA (for managers whose aim is developing their career in the global business environment)

Executive MBA (for company executives, top-managers, managing business owners)

Professional Qualifications[edit]

International Professional Qualifications[edit]

National professional Qualifications[edit]

  • Appraisal of objects in the material form
  • Evaluation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including the rights to intellectual property
  • Expert monetary valuation of land property
  • Real estate development management
  • Training specialists for the subtraction of state property objects and selling of property in the process of privatization
  • Training auctioneers for holding land auctions
  • Training court-appointed manager
  • Corporate Secretary

Development Centres[edit]

Corporate Governance Centre[edit]

The main tasks of the Centre include the following:

  • Developing educational programs, research and publications so that the highest standards of corporate behaviour are upheld in the practice of doing business in Ukraine.
  • Giving Joint-stock companies in Ukraine practical assistance in the following areas:
  • Creating measures for implementing standards of corporate governance in Ukraine, which are in accordance with not only the world’s highest standards, but also with domestic practice and legislation;
    • Preventing and regulating corporate conflicts;
    • Attracting and upholding the interests of investors in Joint-stock companies by ensuring a reliable system exists to protect the rights of stockholders;
    • Assisting various governmental organs to help with ensuring a sound system of regulating corporate relations is realized.

Form of work of the Centre:

  • Developing and implementing open educational programs and trainings for employees of Joint-stock companies (such as members of regulatory boards, corporate secretaries, lawyers, etc.);
  • Preparing and implementing educational programs and trainings for representatives of particular companies (or groups of companies). These trainings are focused on solving concrete, specific issues in the sphere of corporate governance (general share-holders’ meetings, re-organizational procedures, etc.);
  • Providing consulting services in the areas of corporate rights and corporate finance (analysing and developing standards for joint-stock companies, analysing and developing projects related to regulations and other activities connected with state standards);
  • Publication of the "Electronic bulletin on Corporate Governance;"
  • Cooperation with foreign and international organizations in the sphere of corporate governance.

Valuation Centre[edit]

The IIB has built up experience in providing educational services in appraisal, and subsequently created its Appraisal Development Centre. The mission of this Centre is to facilitate the development of appraising activities in Ukraine through training appraisers and supporting them with information and methodology.

Main activities:

  • Methodological support;
  • Educational activities:
    • Educational courses based on preparing appraisers
    • Second higher education in the sphere of appraising
    • Courses to enhance qualifications of appraisers
    • Problem-solving seminars
  • Organization of practices
  • Implementing qualifying exams
  • Informational support for appraisers:
    • Distribution of literature
    • Developing and updating the web-page

Centre of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics[edit]

Centre of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics was created in International Institute of Business in 2010. The major goal of the Centre is stimulating institutional forms of CSR and business ethics development in Ukraine via arranging studying, consulting, holding researches, preparation of publications, and methodological recommendations. Tasks:

  • Activity on forming corporate culture in Ukraine according to the ethical values and the CSR highest standards as a part of general business strategy of modern enterprises development via educational programs, trainings and their methodological support.
  • Expertise of ethics codes, CSR programs, social projects and reports according to international standards and recommendations of multinational corporate culture; evaluation of social technologies effectiveness.
  • Holding problem seminars and trainings adapted to realistic circumstances of running business in Ukraine; methodologies of writing reports as an instrument of managing CSR; stimulating stable development of business organizations.
  • Studying and generalization of social initiatives, and supporting them with social investments from Ukrainian businesses; analyses of charity to CSR forms of transition; correspondence of social partnership and cooperation with existing needs of different regions citizens where the company operates; assistance to local communities; comparison of our experience with international practice.
  • Consulting managers on different aspects of CSR in labour relations, attracting colleagues to form the society development strategy, philosophy, and general ethics values in organization, active integration of business to the world of social responsibility, mastering regulatory instruments which are used in other countries for CSR principles promotion.

Department of Organizational and Management Development Programs[edit]

Short-term programs provide an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and its systematization in such areas as finance, marketing, operations and production management, human resource management. Programs are formed on the basis of world innovations and adapted to the modern Ukrainian market. The studying process is organized in the form of corporate trainings, business seminars, coaching, practical training sessions and workshops. Subjects of corporate and open programs:

  • Sustained growth. Strategic Marketing and Finance
  • Finance (diagnosis, budgeting, risk management, business valuation, business planning)
  • Organization and management of production systems and processes (REFA-International)
  • Effective management of the organization marketing activity
  • Creating a product. Brand management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management (Basic and Microsoft Project Professional)
  • Others

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