International Journal of Baudrillard Studies

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International Journal of Baudrillard Studies  
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Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Discipline Philosophy, Critical Theory
Language English
Edited by Gerry Coulter
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ISSN 1705-6411
OCLC no. 55065841

The International Journal of Baudrillard Studies (IJBS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, non-profit, transdisciplinary publication dedicated to engaging the thought and writing of Jean Baudrillard. The journal is edited by Gerry Coulter.[1]

IJBS was born out of the need for a scholarly venture on Baudrillard that would "be not only the best thing on the web about Baudrillard, but (would) drive a wedge into the “pay-per use” journal industry (Ruiz:2005).[2] The journal is part of a worldwide academic trend in the humanities and other disciplines to move away from traditional publishing, which restricts access to knowledge only amongst those who can afford to pay. The Open Humanities Press has called it a "crisis in scholarly publishing in the humanities".[3]

Baudrillardean approach[edit]

The journal takes a Baudrillardean approach by sacrificing system for strategy, and keeping theory as a challenge to the real to expose itself as illusion.[4] Baudrillard's works are often misrepresented by a highly mass mediated and consumerist world, making them popular and fashionable, but not taken seriously. Thus, IJBS makes use of the system it attempts to challenge to proliferate. Borrowing from Rex Butler's[5] view of the philosopher, IJBS does not fall into the trap of following a doctrine but make use of the internet to transform, translate, seduce, and double Baudrillard.


The International Journal of Žižek Studies is inspired by IJBS.[6][7]


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