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The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP)[1] is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography. A project-driven organization, it partners with leading conservation groups, scientists, and policy makers worldwide in order to produce high-quality documentary images that depict both the beauty of the natural world and the challenges it faces. It was founded at the WiLD8 World Wilderness Congress in Alaska in 2005 by a group of conservation photographer led by Cristina Mittermeier, and since then has developed a reputation as a leading player in the world of environmental conservation. iLCP's elite roster of 115 Fellows[2] (2014) includes the top nature, wildlife and conservation photographers of the world. The main office of the iLCP is located in Washington, DC, and its photographer Fellows reside and work in every corner of the globe.

Since 2005, iLCP has conducted a number of photographic expeditions, often called Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions or RAVEs,[3] to locations where threats to biodiversity are imminent. During these expeditions, teams of specialized iLCP photographers, in collaboration with local and international conservation organizations, produce a comprehensive picture of an area or of a conservation issue. The images collected are then used to bring awareness to the threat and help partner organizations push forward their conservation goals.

iLCP's expeditions have contributed to a number of environmental victories worldwide, and have helped to heighten the public's awareness of lesser known or documented environmental issues. From presentations to school children, to discussions with political leaders, and from publications in local newspapers to exhibits in the world's most prestigious venues, iLCP works at all levels to replace environmental indifference with a new culture of stewardship and passion for our beautiful planet.

List of ILCP Photographers[edit]

Octavio Aburto
Karine Aigner
Theo Allofs
Michael Aw
James Balog
Daniel Beltrá
Tom Blagden
Clay Bolt
Phil Borges
Gary Braasch
Jim Brandenburg
Connie Bransilver
Peter Cairns
Luciano Candisani
Carr Clifton
Paul Colangelo
Claudio Contreras Koob
Bruno D’Amicis
Wade Davis
Miguel Angel de la Cueva
Jasper Doest
David Doubilet
Jack Dykinga
Jason Edwards
Magnus Elander
Keith Ellenbogen
Katherine Feng
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Jeff Foott
Michael Forsberg
Jurgen Freund
Laurent Geslin
Daisy Gilardini
Uri Golman
Annie Griffiths
Amy Gulick
Morgan Heim
Shawn Heinrichs
Morten Hilmer
Paul Hilton
Ralph Lee Hopkins
Jason Houston
Alison Jones
Beverly Joubert
Sandesh Kadur
Karen Kasmauski
Dorothy & Leo Keeler
Robert Glenn Ketchum
Mattias Klum
Tim Laman
Frans Lanting
Garth Lenz
Chris Linder
Balan Madhavan
Stephen G. Maka
Thomas Mangelsen
Thomas Marent
Francisco Marquez
Peter Mather
Ian McAllister
Cristina Mittermeier
Robin Moore
James Morgan
Vincent Munier
Juan Carlos Munoz
Piotr Naskrecki
Michael Nichols (photographer)
Paul Nicklen
Klaus Nigge
Boyd Norton
Neil Ever Osborne
Cheryl-Samantha Owen
Pete Oxford
Denis Palanque
Thomas Peschak
Chris Rainier
Michael Ready
Iñaki Relanzón
Jim Richardson
Joe Riis
Michel Roggo
Jaime Rojo
Norbert Rosing
Jenny E. Ross
Bob Rozinski
Delphin Ruché
Jose Benito Ruiz
Joel Sartore
Kevin Schafer
Krista Schlyer
Florian Schulz
Wendy Shattil
Dave Showalter
Igor Shpilenok
Brian Skerry
George Steinmetz
Mac Stone
Roy Toft
Joris van Alphen
Jan Vermeer
Gerrit Vyn
Carlton Ward Jr.
Jed Weingarten
Michele Westmorland
Staffan Widstrand
Steve Winter
Art Wolfe
Ted Wood
Xi Zhinong
Christian Ziegler

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