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The International League of Religious Socialists is an umbrella organization of religious socialist movements in political parties throughout the world. Founded in the 1920s, it has member groups in 21 countries totalling 200,000 members. For most of its history it was mainly European and contained mainly Christian socialist groups, but has recently expanded to the Americas, Africa and Australia and to include more groups with connections to other religions. It is an associate organisation of the Socialist International.

The member organisations are:

  • Ernest Burgmann Society (Australia)
  • ACUS: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christentum und Sozialismus (Austria)
  • The Christians on the Left (Britain)
  • Bulgarian Religious Social Democrats (Bulgaria)
  • Cristianos por la Liberacion (Costa Rica)
  • Frente Nacional de Cultos (Dominican Republic)
  • Kristillisten Sosialidemokraattinen Liitto (Finland)
  • Bund der Religiösen Sozialistinnen und Sozialisten Deutschlands (Germany)
  • Religious Socialist Section of the MSZP (Hungary)
  • Cristiano Sociali (Italy)
  • Latvian Christian Social Democratic Organisation (Latvia)
  • Religious Social Democrats (Lithuania)
  • Trefpunt van Socialisme en Levensovertuiging (Netherlands)
  • Kristne Arbeidere (Norway)
  • Contak (Philippines)
  • ANC Religion and Socialism Commission (South Africa)
  • Norabideak/Cristianos en el PSOE (Spain - Basque Country)
  • Satyodaya (Sri Lanka)
  • Religious Social Democrats of Sweden (Sweden)
  • Religiös-Sozialistische Vereinigung der Deutschschweiz (Switzerland)
  • DSA Religion & Socialism Commission (United States)

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