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The International Lesbian Information Service (ILIS) was international organization with the purpose to foster international lesbian organizing. It was started within ILGA in 1980. Next year, at a separate lesbian conference arranged prior to the ILGA Turin conference, lesbian organizations decided that ILIS should be a separate organization.

ILIS arranged several international conferences. The activities seem to have gradually stopped in the late 1990s.

ILIS also published a newsletter. The publishing duties and the location of the ILIS Secretariat rotated as follows:

  • ILIS cheap stencil service, Amsterdam 1980-81
  • ILIS Newsletter, Helsinki 1981-83; Oslo 1984
  • ILIS Bulletin, Geneva 1984-86
  • ILIS Newsletter, Amsterdam 1987-1998

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Anderson, Shelley, Lesbian rights are human rights! Amsterdam: ILIS, 1995.

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