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The International Listening Association (ILA) is an organization developed to promote the study, development, and teaching of listening.[1] The association is “dedicated to learning more about the impact that listening has on all human activity.[2]” The ILA was founded in 1979 In Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.[3] The ILA holds annual conferences throughout the US and chooses locations outside of the US every three to five years.[4] Conference presenters have included people of varied backgrounds related to listening to provide a full range of interesting perspectives on listening, for example: communication professors, corporate trainers, audiologists, musicians, researchers and more.[4]

The Purpose of the Association is to advance the practice, teaching, and research of listening throughout the world.[5] The purpose of the Association will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • the Association will establish a network of professionals committed to promoting the study and development of effective listening[6]
  • members will exchange information by sharing teaching objectives, learning activities, promotional methods and materials, and additional professional experiences;
  • members are encouraged to pursue listening research as listening affects humanity on multi-levels of economics, education, race, culture, and international relations;
  • members will pursue management strategies and efforts promoting effective listening in government and business


ILA publications include the International Journal of Listening (IJL), which publishes original research in listening[7] The scope of IJL's listening-related topics includes professional, interpersonal, public/political, media or mass communication, educational, intercultural, and international (including second language acquisition contexts). Study methodologies include empirical, pedagogical, philosophical, and historical methods.[8][9][10]


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