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The International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) is a public forum sponsored by the world's space agencies to support "international cooperation towards a world strategy for the exploration and utilization of the Moon - our natural satellite" (International Lunar Workshop, Beatenberg (CH), June 1994).[1][2]

ILEWG was founded by several space agencies: Australian Space Agency (ASA), Italian Space Agency (ASI), British BNSC, French CNES, German Aerospace Center, ESA, ISAS, NASA, Japanese NASDA, Roskosmos.[3]

Operations and conferences[edit]

ILEWG has been organising since 1994 the ICEUM International Conferences on Exploration & Utilisation of the Moon[4] with published proceedings,[5] and where community declarations have been prepared and endorsed by community participants. ILEWG has co-organised and co-sponsored lunar sessions at EGU, COSPAR, EPSC.

The 8th gathering was held on July 23–27, 2006, in Beijing, China, and agreed the new Lunar Beijing Declaration.[1]


ILEWG Executive Director:  Prof. Bernard Foing (ILEWG Past-President, 1998 - 2000)

ILEWG Vice-presidents: Prof. Tai Sik Lee (2016 - current), Prof. Jacques Blamont (2010 - 2016), Dr. Simonetta di Pippo (2006 – 2008), Dr Robert Richards (2005 - 2007)

ILEWG Past-Presidents : Dr. Michael Wargo (2008 - 2010), Prof. Wu Ji (2006 - 2008), Prof. Narendra Bhandari (2004 - 2006), Prof Carle Pieters (2002 – 2004), Prof Mike Duke (2000-2002), Prof Bernard Foing (1998 – 2000), Acad. Erik Galimov (1996 – 1998), Dr Hitoshi Mizutani


The roadmap or timeline envisaged includes a 15-year period of robotic operations before crewed missions.[3]: 9  Robots would pilot in-situ resource utilisation and construct habitation for later crew.


As part of research efforts towards the colonization of Moon and eventually the colonization of Mars, ILEWG founded the EuroMoonMars initiative, which comprises field campaigns in Moon-Mars analogue environments.[6]

The EuroMoonMars field campaigns have been organised in specific locations of technical, scientific and exploration interest. The campaigns started with EuroGeoMars2009 (Utah MDRS, 24 Jan-1 Mar 2009) with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC, NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam and GWU.[7]

EMMIHS Campaigns[edit]

Currently, ILEWG is collaborating with the International Moonbase Alliance (IMA)[8] and the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) on a series of EuroMoonMars, IMA and HI-SEAS (EMMIHS) campaigns, at the HI-SEAS analogue facilities in Hawaii.[9]

The Hawaii - Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) habitat is located at 8,200’ (2,500 meters) in elevation and IMA's founder, Henk Rogers, is its owner.[10] As of 2018, IMA, an organization dedicated to building sustainable settlements on the Moon, has been organising regular simulated missions to the Moon, Mars or other planetary bodies at HI-SEAS. Dr. Michaela Musilova is the Director of HI-SEAS[11] and she also takes part in missions as a Crew Commander, Flights Director or CAPCOM.

The EuroMoonMars campaigns consist of research activities for data analysis, instruments tests and development, field tests in Moon-Mars analogues, pilot projects, training and hands-on workshops and outreach activities.[12][13]

EMM IgLuna 2019 Campaign[edit]

IgLuna is the first ESA Lab inter-University demonstrator project,[14] and is hosted by the Swiss Space Centre (SSC)[15] with the vision to create an analogue habitat inside lunar ice caps. The campaigns were held from 17 to 30 June 2019 and involved 18 student teams from 9 countries across Europe. The students developed modular demonstrators and tested them during a field test conducted inside the moon-like extreme environment of the Glacier Palace inside the Matterhorn glacier.

EuroMoonMars Field Campaigns[16]
Year Campaign Notes
2009 EuroMoonMars-Eifel Collaboration between ILEWG, ESA ESTEC, VU Amsterdam, Austrian Space Forum OEWF, GWU, Ecole de l’Air
2010 EuroMoonMars-DOMMEX Collaboration between ILEWG, ESA ESTEC, NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam, GWU, Ecole de l’Air, FloridaTec, UCL Louvain
2010 EuroMoonMars SALM La Réunion Island
2011 EuroMoonMars2011 (MDRS) First EMM-MDRS mission
2012 EuroMoonMars2012 (MDRS) Crew: Stoker, Battler, v’t Houd, Bruneau, Cross, Maivald, Svendsen, Oltheten, Nebergall, Orgel

Support: Foing, Ehrenfreund, Elsaesser, Rammos, Rodrigues, Direito, Roling

2017 LunAres (Poland) Crew: PMAS SGAC

Support @ESTEC/Mission control: Foing, Lillo, Authier, Blanc et al.

2018 EMM-Iceland scouting campaign Crew: Foing, Heemskerk, Sitnikova et al.

Support: 4th Planet Logistics

2018 EMMIHS-0 (scouting campaign) Crew: Rogers H&A, Foing, Wilhite, Machida

Support: BluePlanet: Ponthieux, Cox et al.

2019 EMMIHS-I Crew: Musilova, Sirikan, Mulder, Weert, Burstein, Pothier

Support: BluePlanet: Foing, Ponthieux, Cox, Rogers

2019 EMM-IgLuna campaign IgLuna SSC support: Benavides, EuroMoonMars VUA/ILEWG

Crew: de Winter, Heemskerk, Albers, Clement, Bois, Daeter, Vaessen, Glukhova, Sitnikova, Dimova, Wanske, van der Sanden, Foing

Support: Kruijver, Dingemans, Beentjes, Korthouwer, Moritz, Grosjean et al.

2019 EMMIHS-II Crew: Musilova, Kerber, Castro, Wanske, Pouwels, d’Angelo

Support: BluePlanet: Cox et al., support@ESTEC/VUA: Ageli, Foing, Heemskerk, Beniest, Sitnikova, Preusterink

2020 EMMIHS-III Crew: Musilova M., Brasileiro L., Edison K., Heemskerk M&R, Rajkakati P.

Support: BluePlanet & ESTEC/VUA

2020 EMMIHS-IV Crew: to be confirmed

Support: BluePlanet & ESTEC/VUA

2021 CHILL-ICE Crew I: Kerber, Elwertowska, Poli

Crew II: Cardinaux, Smith, Christianen

Mission Control: Pouwels, Heemskerk, Kerber, Weert, Downes

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