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International Manga Award
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Awarded forManga by non-Japanese manga artists
Presented byMinistry of Foreign Affairs
First awarded2007
WebsiteInternational Manga Award website
Tarō Asō, the 92nd Prime Minister of Japan

International Manga Award (国際漫画賞, Kokusai manga shou) is an annual award established to encourage non-Japanese manga artists in 2007. This award was created by Japanese Foreign Minister Tarō Asō, who proposed this award in a policy speech he gave in Tokyo's Akihabara district in 2006.[1][2] The Award is often considered the most prestigious prize for non-Japanese manga artists.

The selection is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Annually, award honorees are recommended by the advisers including Machiko Satonaka and many other great manga artists.


The First International MANGA Award (2007)[edit]

146 entries from 26 countries and regions were received

International MANGA Award Winner:

"Shorei" (Commendation) Award:

The Second International MANGA Award (2008)[edit]

368 entries from 46 countries and regions were received

International MANGA Award Winner:

"Shorei" (Commendation) Award:

Bronze Award

  • ,The strong men game, by Amer Moghrabi (Syria)

The Third International MANGA Award (2009)[edit]

303 entries from 55 countries and regions were received

  • Gold Award:
    • SUPER DUNKER by Jakraphan Huaypetch (TON JAKRAPHAN) (Thailand)
  • Silver Award:
    • Zaya (Belgium: Huang Jia Wei-Morvan-Dargaud Benelux) by Huang Jia Wei (China) Morvan (France)
    • Natty (Belgium: Melvil-Corveyran-Dargaud Benelux) by Melvil - Corveyran (France)
    • Running on empty by Kim Jea-eon (Republic of Korea)

The Fourth International MANGA Award (2010)[edit]

189 entries from 39 countries and regions were received

  • Gold Award:
  • Silver Award:
    • Face cachée by Olivier Martin and Sylvain Runberg (France)
    • La Isla sin Sonrisa by Enrique Fernández (Spain)
    • "The story begins with ..." by Veerachai Duangpla (Thailand)
  • Bronze Award:
    • Dolltopia (United States) by Abby Denson
    • Kylooe (Belgium) by Little Thunder (China)
    • The little polar bear (Taiwan) by CHANG Fung-Chih
    • The passionate sword (Thailand) by YEH Yu Tung, SYU SHU HAO (Taiwan)
    • SAMURAI (France) by Frédéric GENET (artist, Belgium), Jean-François DI GIORGIO (author, France)

The Fifth International MANGA Award (2011)[edit]

145 entries from 30 countries and regions were received

  • Gold Award:
  • Silver Award:
    • When You Standing Your Tiptoes by Pan Li-Ping and Zu Le-ya (China)
    • Make a wish! Da Xi by Cory (Taiwan)
    • The Man Who Follow His Own Voice by Tanis Werasakwong (Thailand)
  • Bronze Award:
    • A Letter To Father (Malaysia) by CHONG CHIEW CHOY
    • Conversations Between Me and You (Thailand) by Tongkarn
    • Dream Land (Taiwan) by WE WE
    • NNN (Canada) by Dan Kim
    • Pelangi di Naungan Mentari (Rainbow Under the Sun) (Indonesia) by Indra Wisnu Wardhana (artist), Dimas Adi Saputro (author)
    • Summer in Vale・Boll bride (China) by Yang Xiao-ru
    • Security Gard (China) by Han Zu-zheng
    • X-VENTURE:TERROR RAPTOR (Malaysia) by TAN ZIEN YUN (artist), SHERLOCK (author)

The Sixth International MANGA Award (2012)[edit]

245 entries from 38 countries and regions were received

  • Gold Award:
    • Listening to the Bell (Thailand) by Kosin Jeenseekong
  • Silver Award:
    • Melon Seed School Vol. 3 (Thailand) by Ittiwat Suriyamart
    • Floating Flower (China) by Yao Wei
    • 5 minutes before airing (Indonesia) by Muhammad Fathanatul Haq, Ockto Baringbing
  • Bronze Award:
    • ONCE AGAIN (China) by Buddy, Feng Xi Shen Lei
    • Charge ~ beyond ~ (China) by Han Zu Zheng
    • OLDMAN (Taiwan) by Chang Sheng
    • Scralls of A Northern City (Taiwan) by AKRU
    • From The Netherworld : Tales of Terror! (Malaysia) by PUYUH, CORE
    • Dragon Land (Vietnam) by Dimensional Art, Dinh viet Phuong, Do Nhu Trang, Le Lam Vien
    • Once Upon a Time of Love (Thailand) by Amp, Varacha pansang
    • Eros/Psyche (Spain) by Maria Llovet
    • Xiao Ou, volume 2, Un monde en double (China) by Wei Song
    • Otaku Blue (France) by Malo Kerfriden, Richard Marazano
    • The ten rituals of the initiation (Burkina Faso) by Boureima NABALOUM

The Seventh International MANGA Award (2013)[edit]

This year, 256 entries from 53 countries and regions were made. The largest number of application was received from Thailand (47), followed by Taiwan (36), and Indonesia (21).[4]

  • Gold Award: Bokbig (Thailand) by Prema Jatukanyaprateep
  • Silver Award:
    • Paris (USA) by George Alexopoulos
    • Carrier (China) by NAVER
    • Les Folies Bergère (Belgium) by Francis Porcel (Spain), Zidrou (Belgium)
  • Bronze Award:
    • PANDISM (VIRUS PANDA) (Thailand) by Pittaya Werasakwong
    • User, Volume 1 (Malaysia) by ZINT
    • Ten Sticks And One Rice (Singapore) by Koh Hong Teng, Oh Yong Hwee
    • City of Darkness (Hong Kong, China) by Andy Seto, Yuyi
    • The director against the whip (Burkina Faso) by KONDI SAMBU Cypriano
    • Something Between (China) by Zhi Ying
    • Lead of the soul (China) by chiya, Ke Han,Yi Sha
    • Boonhome (Thailand) by Ruangsak Duangpla
    • D day (Thailand) by Art Jeeno
    • The bear's skin by Oriol (Spain), zidrou (Belgium)
    • It's your world (Japan) by Junko Kawakami

The Eighth International MANGA Award (2014)[edit]

There were 317 entries from 46 countries and regions. [5]

  • Gold Award:
  • Silver Award:
    • Mr. Bear (China) by Luo mu
    • ATAN (Malaysia) by Ben Wong
    • Room (Taiwan) by 61Chi
  • Bronze Award:
    • THE MOAAGA PRINCE (Burkina-Faso) by Cyprien KONDI SAMBU
    • Before the rainy evening (China) by Buddy
    • Beyond the Cloud (China) by Xi jiu
    • Syncopated Dreams by Laurent Bonneau (Germany), Mathilde Ramadier (France)
    • The director against the whip (Burkina Faso) by KONDI SAMBU Cypriano
    • ONLY HUMAN (Indonesia) by Mukhlis Nur
    • 13:05 (Jordan) by Amani Badran
    • Summer Shroud (Russia) by Ilya Kuvshinov
    • Another World, It Exists. (Saudi Arabia) by SaKooo SHS
    • Pretty Deadly by Emma Ríos (Spain), Kelly Sue DeConnick (USA)
    • The Vice Squad Jordi Lafebre (Spain), Zidro (Belgium)
    • JUICE 1 (Thailand) by ART JEENO

The Ninth International MANGA Award (2015)[edit]

There were 259 entries from 46 countries and regions. [6]

  • Gold Award:
    • The Divine (State of Israel) by Asaf Hanuka, Tomer Hanuka & Boaz Lavie
  • Silver Award:
    • DEMO#1 vol.1 (Taiwan) by ROCKAT
    • Holy Dragon Imperator (Vietnam) by Nguyen Thanh Phong & Nguyen Khanh Duong
    • Ichthyophobia (Taiwan) by Li Lung-chieh
  • Bronze Award:
    • Symbol Sentences (Thai) by Munin
    • Sky whale (Ukraine) by Lisa Cloud, Tori
    • Her Majesty (Taiwan) by CHANG,SZU-YA, Chen yung shen
    • Happines Seasonings (Taiwan) by RUAN, GUANG-MIN
    • Inspiration (Russia) by Dzi
    • SQ beginning with your name (Russia) by Tan Jiu
    • Silver Ocean (China) by Starry
    • My Unforgettable Single Life (Thai) by PLARIEX
    • TO THE MORE (China) by Ba Wang
    • ADJAME'S THIEF (Cote d'Ivoire) by TAPE ZATO

The Tenth International MANGA Award (2016)[edit]

There were 296 entries from 55 countries and regions. [7]

  • Gold Award:
    • The Master of Arms (Belgium) by Joël Parnotte & Xavier Dorison
  • Silver Award:
    • Scavengers (China) by HAN Zuzheng
    • The Heart of Darkness (Belgium) by Laura Iorio, Roberto Ricci & Marco Cosimo D'amico
    • Gateway to Underworld (Vietman) by Can Tieu Hy
  • Bronce Award:
    • King of Vampires (Thailand) by Mangkorn Soraphon, Wipaporn & Rutchote
    • Evil Discus (Thailand) by Wiroj (Beast) Ruengsiri
    • Secrets of the Ninja (United States) by Akiko Shimojima (Japan) & Sean Michael Wilson (United Kingdom)
    • TsangyangGyatso (China) by Zhao Ze & Guo Qiang
    • Raruurien (Indonesia) by Ann Maulina
    • Tebori (France) by Toledano (Spain) & Robledo (Spain)
    • Summer Temple Festival I (Taiwan) by Zuo Hsuan
    • Tussles Against Spectres (Korea) by Youngoh Kim
    • Dream About Japan (Poland) by Patrycja Kicyla
    • Woelan (Indonesia) by Dimaz Sadewa

The Eleventh International MANGA Award (2017)[edit]

There were 326 entries from 60 countries and regions. [8]

  • Gold Award:
    • Two Aldos (Colombia) by Pablo Guerra & Henry Díaz
  • Silver Award:
    • Onibi (France) by Atelier Sento
    • Viva Eve! Long Libe Life! (Ukraine) by Rerekina Natalliia & Martynenko Nataliia
    • Left Hand Vol. 1 (Taiwan) by Sally
  • Bronce Award:
    • Mightier (United Arab Emirates) By Ahmed Mohammed Al Ali & Mohammed Yousef Al Meraikhi
    • Secret Weapon (China / Hong Kong) by Dai Hing Yin
    • Mandela (United Kingdom) by Umlando Wezithombe (Republic of South Africa), Santa Buchanan & Nelson Mandela Foundation
    • Clearsky city (China) by BigN
    • Dutchman in Formosa (Taiwan) by Kinono
    • Cat Swordsman (Taiwan) by Yu-Yung Yeh
    • Westward (China) by Guangzhou Baiman Culture Communication Co. Ltd & Eric Cheng
    • The art of Laziness (Thailand) by Patcharakan Pisansupong
    • On This Day (Thailand) by Mork
    • Based of True Stories (Thailand) by Gawin Satawut
    • Gung Ho - 3 (France) by Thomas Von Kummant (Germany) & Benjamin Von Eckartsberg (Germany)


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