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The International Map Industry Association (IMIA), formerly known as the International Map Trade Association (IMTA), is the foremost worldwide organization of the mapping, geospatial and geographic information industry. The IMIA has three divisions, the Americas Division covering North, Central, and South America; the Europe/Africa/Middle East division (EAME); and the Asia-Pacific Division.

IMIA is a voice and resource for individuals, companies, firms and institutions who are engaged, directly or indirectly, in the production and sale of maps, globes, travel guides, spatial information and related products and materials.

Each year IMIA, in cooperation with its members, conducts numerous events, conferences and trade shows throughout the world.

Other uses of the IMTA acronym[edit]

  • Idaho Music Teachers Association
  • Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association
  • Indiana Motor Truck Association
  • Indiana Music Teachers Association
  • Integrative Manual Therapy Association
  • Intermediate Message Transfer Agent
  • International Maitland Teachers Association
  • International Management Teachers Academy
  • International Map Traders Association
  • International Marine Transit Association
  • International Maritime Transport Academy
  • International Medical Technology Association
  • International Military Testing Association
  • International Mobile Telecommunications Association
  • International Modeling and Talent Association
  • International MultiModal Transport Association
  • Internet Message Transport Agent
  • Iowa Motor Truck Association
  • Iowa Music Teachers Association
  • Irish Massage Therapists Association
  • Irish Mathematics Teachers Association
  • Institute for Medical Technology Assessment

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