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International Menopause Society (IMS)
Int Menopause Society Logo.jpg
Founded 1978
Focus To promote knowledge, study and research on all aspects of aging in men and women
  • PO Box 98, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 4BQ, UK
Area served
Key people

Prof Rodney Baber, current President

Lee Tomkins, current Executive Director

The International Menopause Society (IMS) is a UK based charity. The Association was created in 1978 in Jerusalem during the second Menopause Congress and currently has members in 62 countries. In addition to organizing congresses, symposia, and workshops, the IMS owns its own journal: Climacteric, the Journal of Adult Women's Health and Medicine, published by Informa Healthcare. The IMS has three sub-organs: CAMS, the Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies, the WSSM, the World School for the Study of the Menopause and the CPP, the Council of Past Presidents.[1]


The aims of the IMS are "to promote knowledge, study and research on all aspects of aging in men and women; to organize, prepare, hold and participate in international meetings and congresses on menopause and climacteric; and to encourage the interchange of research plans and experience between individual members."[1]

Resources and publications[edit]

The Society's official journal, Climacteric, the Journal of Adult Women's Health and Medicine, was founded in 1998 and is listed in Index Medicus/MEDLINE.[2] The editors-in-Chief are Anna Fenton (New Zealand),[3] and Nick Panay (United Kingdom).[4] It publishes international, original, peer-reviewed research on all aspects of aging in men and women, especially during the menopause and climacteric. The content of the journal covers the whole range of subject areas relevant to climacteric studies and adult women’s health and medicine, including underlying endocrinological changes, treatment of the symptoms of the menopause and other age-related changes, hormone replacement therapies, alternative therapies, effective life-style modifications, non-hormonal midlife changes, and the counselling and education of perimenopausal and postmenopausal patients.[5][6][7]

Menopause Live is a weekly service offered via email by the International Menopause Society. It offers recently published commentaries on scientific papers that may be of interest to members of the IMS.[8]

World Menopause Day / Month. IMS has designated October 18 as World Menopause Day. In observation of the Day, the IMS and the member national societies of CAMS distribute materials and organize activities to inform women about menopause, its management and the impact of estrogen loss. Since it is not always possible for local societies to arrange activities for this specific day, the IMS has now designated October as World Menopause Month. Local societies can also collaborate with other organizations working in the field of adult women's health, such as societies for osteoporosis and breast cancer, to organize joint events. World Menopause Month can also be a call to implement policies that support research and treatment in the area of menopausal health.[9][10][11][12]

Our Menopause World is published on a monthly basis and sent via e-mail to members of the Society. It aims to share news from the world of menopause and promote the current initiatives of the Society. Members are encouraged to submit their own articles for inclusion to share news of events and activities from their part of the world.

Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies (CAMS)[edit]

CAMS is one of the Organs of the International Menopause Society. It was created to provide a democratic forum with equal membership and voting rights for all national societies affiliated with the IMS regardless of their size. There are currently 48 national or regional menopause societies on the board of CAMS.

World School for the Study of Menopause (WSSM)[edit]

The aim of the WSSM is to promote knowledge among health-care providers on menopause-related issues. It provides courses, educational programs and lectures in the field of adult women's health and menopause in liaison with national or regional menopause societies when requested.

Council of Past Presidents (CPP)[edit]

The CPP is made up of all living past presidents of the Society, with the immediate past president acting as chairman and taking a seat on the current board. Their role is to act in an advisory capacity to the board.

Past Presidents:
Robert Greenblatt, 1978–81, USA (deceased)
David Serr, 1981–90, Israel (deceased)
Pieter van Keep, 1990–91, Netherlands (deceased)
Malcolm Whitehead, 1991–93, UK
Wulf H. Utian, 1993–96, USA
Henry Burger, 1996–99, Australia
Andrea Genazzani, 1999-2002, Italy
Hermann Schneider, 2002–05, Germany
Amos Pines, 2005–08, Israel[13]
David Sturdee, 2008–11, UK[14]
Tobie de Villiers, 2011–2014, South Africa[15]
Rodney Baber, Current President, 2014–present, Australia

World Congress on the Menopause[edit]

The IMS hold a biennial World Congress in the different regions of the world, the 15th being held in Prague, Czech Republic in 2016. The aim of the congress is to provide a global forum to promote the core IMS ideals of education, collaboration and dissemination of research based knowledge on all aspects of aging in men and women.

Year City
1976 La Grande Motte, France
1978 Jerusalem, Israel
1981 Ostend, Belgium
1984 Orlando, Florida, USA
1987 Sorrento, Italy
1990 Bangkok, Thailand
1993 Stockholm, Sweden
1996 Sydney, Australia
1999 Yokohama, Japan
2002 Berlin, Germany
2005 Buenos Aires, Argentina
2008 Madrid, Spain
2011 Rome, Italy[16][17]
2014 Cancun, Mexico


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