International Military Staff

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International Military Staff
Coat of arms of the International Military Staff.svg
Coat of arms
Allegiance NATO
TypeMilitary staff
RoleProvides strategic advice to the NATO Military Committee.
Size500+ personnel
Part ofNATO Military Committee
LocationBrussels, Belgium
Secretary GeneralJens Stoltenberg
Director GeneralLieutenant General Jan Broeks[1]
FlagFlag of the International Military Staff.svg

The International Military Staff (IMS) is an advisory body of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO) Military Committee (MC), which in turn supports the North Atlantic Council (NAC). Based in NATO's headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the IMS has five divisions and c. 500 staff seconded from NATO member states and is led by a Director General.[2]


The IMS consists of the following divisions:

  • Intelligence (INT)
  • Operations and Plans (O&P)
  • Policy and Capabilities (P&C)
  • Cooperative Security (CS)
  • Logistics and Resources (L&R)

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