International Naturist Federation

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International Naturist Federation
Fédération Naturiste Internationale
Internationalen Naturisten Föderation
Headquarters Austria
Official languages English
Membership Country Federations
 -  Founding Meeting
CHM Montalivet
23 August 1953 (1953-08-23) 

The International Naturist Federation (INF) or Fédération naturiste internationale (FNI) or Internationalen Naturisten Föderation (INF) is the global umbrella organisation representing official national naturist societies.


The INF is made up of representative of national naturist organisation. The rules of the federation limit membership to one national society. To by-pass this rule the French and English-speaking Canadian societies formed a partnership for the purpose of participating in the INF.

Some federations have independent youth organisations which are currently not affiliated to the INF directly. On European level, youth representatives (European Naturist Youth - ENY) have elected a Youth committee to speak towards the INF and the European Naturist Assembly (EuNat). Its task is to coordinate events and promote communication and exchange between young naturists.

The rules of INF provide for direct membership in the INF if there is no affiliated national naturist organisation in the country of residence.[1]

Monument commemorating the place (CHM Montalivet, France) where the International Naturist Federation (INF) was founded in 1953.

Affiliated national organisations[edit]

The INF currently represents the following organisations:


  • South Africa - Western Cape Naturist Association [2]



North America[edit]

South America[edit]


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