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The International Network for Social Network Analysis is the professional association of social network analysis.[1] The rapid increase in awareness of social networks, social network software, and social networking has led to lively discussions and influence beyond sheer numbers.

Membership, history and output[edit]

INSNA's membership consists of more than 1,000 social network analysis researchers, who have a website (see External links) and an active listserve discussion group.

INSNA has always been international and interdisciplinary. Most members are social scientists, but there is significant involvement by mathematicians, statisticians, the business world (especially management consultants), and social networking software creators and analysts.

It was founded in 1977 by Barry Wellman, a sociologist to connect scattered network analysts, dispersed across countries and fields.[2] It was headed by communications scientist William Richards from 2005 until his sudden death in August 2007.[3] He was succeeded by Vice-president George Barnett, a Communication Science professor at the University of California, Davis, and then John Skvoretz (University of South Florida).

As well as publishing a triannual journal Connections on the subject, INSNA also:

  • Runs SOCNET, a listserv mailing-list for the subject.
  • Hosts the International Sunbelt Social Network Conference annually.[4] See list below.
  • Facilitates regional and specialized conferences.
  • Publishes a quarterly journal, Social Networks.[5]
  • Publishes the online Journal of Social Structure, irregular periodicity.[6]
  • Provides links to researchers around the world.
  • Provides raw data.

List of Annual "Sunbelt" Meetings / Keynote Speakers[edit]

Starting in the 1990s, the Keynote Speakers were also recognized with the Georg Simmel Distinguished Career Award.

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