International Network for Sustainable Energy

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International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
TypeNetwork of NGOs, grassroot organisations
Focussustainable energy environmentalism
  • Denmark
Area served
World wide
Methodnewsletter, education, research, lobbying
160 NGOs worldwide
Key people
Regional coordinators

The International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE) is an international, non-profit organisation (NGO) network of environmental organizations promoting sustainable energy to protect the environment and to decrease poverty.[1]


  • Develops scenarios for a transition to a 100% renewables energy supply with factor four energy efficiency by 2050. A global, EU-27 and European national scenarios are developed. The name of the sustainable energy model is INFORSE Vision 2050.,[2]
  • Worldwide database of about 1000 contacts,[3] web based resources on EU policy,[4] school materials,[5] successes[6]
  • Online course material (DIERET)[7]
  • Quarterly newsletter: Sustainable Energy News (SEN) published since 1992[8]
  • Participation on UN Conferences as NGO observer as INFORSE has Consultative Status at UN ECOSOC and UNFCCC. Participation at e.g.,:
  • Participation on EU Consultations, Press Releases.[14]
  • Organising European NGO Policy Seminars.[15]
  • Exhibition, participation at EU events, e.g., EU Green Week, Sustainable Energy Week. See more at INFORSE-Europe.


INFORSE was established in 1992 at the Global Forum, which was a parallel forum to the UNCED Conference so called Earth Summit. In 1998, INFORSE got consultative status to United Nation's ECOSOC.[16] INFORSE is working through Regional Coordinators in Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas. The INFORSE Secretariat is in Denmark. In 2002, INFORSE-Europe was registered in Denmark as an NGO network working on European level.


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