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International Networks is the name given by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to country calling codes +882 and +883, and serves as a catch-all for telephone services not dedicated to a single country. Satellite telephone carriers, especially those with worldwide service, are allocated within the Global Mobile Satellite System (GMSS), country code +881, with the exception of non-terrestrial Inmarsat, country code 870.

As in the other such shared country codes, carriers are allocated number space within this code space plus their identification code (two-digit number in 882 code space, three or four digit number in 883 code space). The phone number for a subscriber of such a service starts with +882/+883 followed by the carrier code.

The cost to call such a number can be high; for example in the British Telecom price list rates for various 882 and 883 numbers ranged from £0.60 to £4.50 per minute.[1]

Carrier codes[edit]

As of November 27, 2017 the assignments of +882/+883 carrier codes are as follows:


+882-10 British Telecommunications plc Global Office Application
+882-12 Verizon (formerly MCI WorldCom) HyperStream International (HSI) Data Network
+882-13 Telespazio S.p.A. EMS Regional Mobile Satellite System
+882-15 Reach (formerly Telstra ITERRA Digital Network) Global international ATM Network
+882-16 United Arab Emirates Administration thuraya RMSS Network
+882-22 Cable & Wireless Global Network
+882-23 SITA-Equant Joint Venture Sita-Equant Network
+882-28 Deutsche Telekom Next Generation Network
+882-31 Telekom Malaysia Global International ATM Network
+882-32 Maritime Communications Partner[2]
+882-33 Oration Technologies[3] +882-33710710
+882-34 Global Networks, Inc.[4]
+882-35 Jasper Systems, Inc.
+882-36 Jersey Telecom
+882-37 AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular Wireless)
+882-39 Vodafone Malta
+882-41 Intermatica
+882-45 Telecom Italia
+882-46 tyntec
+882-48 Sawatch Limited EchoStar Mobile Limited
+882-49 Monaco Telecom
+882-51 Athalos Global Access Service
+882-80 1NCE GmbH
+882-97 Smart Communications
+882-98 ONAIR N.V. SITA GSM services in aircraft
+882-99 Telenor Telenor GSM network – services in aircraft
+883-03 EMnify GmbH
+883-100 MediaLincc Ltd.
+883-110 Syniverse Technologies (post acquisition of Aicent Ltd.)
+883-120 Telenor unknown mobile services, requires Telenor invite to be implanted in number range
+883-130 France Telecom Orange
+883-140 MTT Global Networks
+883-150 BodyTrace Netherlands B.V.
+883-160 DCN Hub ehf
+883-170 EMnify GmbH
+883-180 Ooredoo
+883-190 Com4 Sweden AB
+883-200 Manx Telecom Trading Ltd.
+883-210 Telecom26 AG
+883-220 Beezz Communication Solutions Ltd.
+883-230 SAP
+883-240 BICS SA
+883-260 Twilio Inc
+883-5100 Voxbone iNum Initiative[5] – decommissioned in June 2020[6]
+883-5110 Inc
+883-5120 MTX Connect Ltd
+883-5130 Sipme Communications
+883-5140 Ellipsat Inc
+883-5150 Wins Limited
+883-5160 MCN Telecom (formerly Tel2tel kft.) [7][8]

In the +882-99 block, two numbering spaces collide: The numbering area has officially been assigned to Telenor but prior to this assignment, started to assign unofficial numbers within that numbering area.[9]


The following codes were previously assigned by the ITU but were not used as of 2007:

+882-11 formerly Singapore Telecommunications – Asia Pacific Mobile Telecommunications
+882-14 formerly Verizon/GTE International Networks
+882-17 formerly AT&T International ATM Network
+882-18 formerly Teledesic Global Network
+882-19 formerly Telecom Italia Global Network
+882-20 Asia Cellular Satellite (ACeS) Garuda Mobile Telecommunication Satellite System
+882-21 formerly Ameritech – Gateway Global Service, Inc. (AGGSI) network - Now assigned to Thuraya SIM cards.
+882-24 TeliaSonera multinational ATM Network
+882-25 formerly Constellation Communications (now ICO)
+882-26 formerly SBC Communications – Global Data Network
+882-27 formerly Williams Communications
+882-29 formerly Q-Tel (NZ) Ltd (formerly World IT)
+882-40 Oy Cubio Communications Oy Communications
+882-42 Seanet Maritime Communications AB[10] Global mobile telecommunication operator
+882-43 Ukrainian Radiosystems for Beeline


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