International Oral History Association

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The International Oral History Association (IOAH) is a professional association established to provide a forum for oral historians around the world. IOHA was formally constituted in June 1996 at the IXth International Oral History Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. It holds international meetings biannually and publishes a newsletter and journal, Words and Silences, in English and Spanish, and maintains a website at

IOHA Presidents[edit]

  • Mercedes Vilanova (Spain), 1996-2000
  • Marieta de Moraes Ferreira (Brazil), 2000-2002
  • Janis Wilton (Australia), 2002-2004
  • Rina Benmayor (USA), 2004-2006
  • Al Thomson (UK / Australia), 2006-2008
  • Pilar Domínguez (Spain), 2008-2010
  • Miroslav Vanek (Czech Republic), 2010-2012