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The International Order of Saint Luke is an inter-denominational religious order dedicated to the Christian healing ministry, begun in 1932 as the Fellowship of St. Luke, founded by John Gayner Banks, an Episcopal priest.[1]

The Order is ecumenical, with members belonging to a variety of Christian denominations.

Members engage in healing prayer with those who are physically ill, emotionally troubled or in other distress, often with the laying on of hands. Members may be clergy or lay people, Ministry by members of the Order is seen and experienced as an extension, but not a replacement for other parts of Christian religious observance and practice. Chapters, or groups of members of the Order, meet together regularly to study Scripture and engage in prayer.

There are several hundred chapters of this organization in the United States and Canada.[2] There is also an unaffiliated organization called 'The Order of St. Luke.[3]

Preamble of the Order[edit]

The New Testament reveals that healing is an essential part of the teaching and practice of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that he commissions his followers to preach the gospel of the kingdom and to heal the sick.

The Order of St Luke the Physician comprises clergy and laity of the Christian church who believe that the Holy Scriptures set forth healing as a continuing and essential part of the ministry committed to the church by Jesus Christ. Members of the Order are called to make the ministry of healing a regular part of their Christian life.

WE AFFIRM THAT: the foundation of belief and practice in the Order is the doctrine of the Trinity; God's intention for his creation is perfect; sin is the root cause of all disharmony within people, between people and in the universe; the perfect will of God is complete redemption from sin, sickness and all consequences of the fall; the basis of this redemption, including healing, is that reconciliation with the Father accomplished by Jesus Christ once for all on the cross; the Holy Spirit makes personally effective what the risen, ascended and everllving Christ has accomplished; faith in Jesus Christ is the only means whereby this redemption is appropriated; wholeness of spirit, soul and body rather than physical healing alone is the goal of the Order; this wholeness usually involves co-operation between members of the church and members of the medical and paramedicai professions; and the Order is committed to supporting or initiating such cooperation.

Emblem of the Order[edit]

The emblem of the Order is blue in the form of a cross within a circle, which together make an acrostic. Blue is the symbolic colour of healing, associated with restful and calming properties.

The Latin motto: JESU ESTO MIHI JESUS LUX REX DUX LEX means: O Jesus, be to me my Saviour (Healer), Light King Leader Law

According to tradition this cross was found in the catacombs of Domitilla in Rome during the second century. It is the prayer discovered by a Roman nobleman, whose wife had been the guide and inspiration of his life. When she died, he felt the light of his life had been extinguished. Restless and distraught, he wandered aimlessly until he heard the Christian gospel and found the prayer inscribed on the wall of the catacombs. He accepted Christ and made this prayer the rule of his life.

Chaplains for New Zealand (Australasia)[edit]

1960 - 1963 Canon David Thorpe Anglican 1963 - 1965 Rev Len Harris Anglican

Senior Chaplains for New Zealand (Australasia) 1965 - 1969 Rev Jim Chambers Congregational 1969 - 1971 Rev Ken Toomer Methodist 1971 - 1972 Canon David Thorpe Anglican

Wardens for the Order in New Zealand (Australasia) 1972 - 1975 Rev Jim Chambers Congregational 1975 - 1978 Canon David Thorpe Anglican 1978 - 1981 Rev Frank Rlgg Methodist 1981 - 1983 Rev Amos Burrough Methodist 1983 - 1985 Rev Jim Hay Presbyterian 1985 - 1987 Rev Ray Williams Anglican 1987 - 1990 Rev Bill McLeay Presbyterian 1990 - 1993 Rev Doug Burt Methodist 1993 - 1996 Rev Derek Lightbourne Anglican 1996 - 1999 Canon Peter Swears Anglican 1999 - 2002 Rev Kevin Gwynne Anglican 2002 - 2005 Rev Derek Lightbourne Anglican 2005 - 2008 Rev Dr Brian Hooper Baptist 2008 - Rev Lionel Brown Presbyterian

OSL Canada[edit]

OSL Canada was launched in Winnipeg, during August 2011, at the First OSL Canadian National Healing Conference.

More than 80 enthusiastic OSL supporters from across Canada and several from the USA attended the four day healing conference at the Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Delegates were treated to a wealth of keynote addresses and workshops on several aspects of Christian healing. A vote taken at the business meeting resulted in OSL Canada being launched!

OSL Canada will remain a faithful and important partner with The International Order of St Luke the Physician, the North America organization headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. OSL Canada will serve the Canadian network of OSL Members and Chapters with communications specific to Canadian interest and activities. Our mission is to return the healing ministry of Jesus to its place in the church, to be a resource for individuals and clergy who want to learn more about offering healing during worship services and developing healing prayer ministry teams. Our mandate is to bring the power and healing grace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to individual lives. OSL Canada is poised to make a valuable contribution to the ministry of Christian healing, and to the growth of the Order of St Luke in North America.


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