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The International Policy Forum (IPF) is a fully student-run think tank based at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Emerging from the realization that there was an absence of student perspective in pressing policy issues, participants in the IPF strive to add their voice to public debate. Each year, approximately sixteen students are chosen to develop policy recommendations for a global issue pertinent to Canada. Through involvement with the IPF, members gain practical political experience and contribute to the understanding of public affairs from a new and often innovative perspective.

Since its inception, the IPF has addressed a diverse range of topics. These have included subjects such as Canada-US relations, humanitarian intervention and Arctic transformation. The IPF also operates the Carleton Review of International Affairs (CRIA), an annual publication highlighting the work of undergraduate students relating to any topic of global interest.

Currently, the Directors of the IPF are Sayan Basu Ray and Patrick Salonius. The IPF is funded by the UN Society, a student organization at Carleton University.

Year Directors Topic Report
2009-2010 Nick Kyonka &
Robyn Meikle
Canada's Relations with Its
Citizen's Abroad
Beyond Our Borders: Redefining Canada's Relationship with Its Citizens Abroad
2008-2009 Lauren Hunter &
Andrew Vey
Arctic Transformation in the
21st Century
Planning for Tomorrow: A Blueprint to Reinvigorate Canada's North
2007-2008 Katherine Millard & Matthew Ronald Humanitarian Intervention in Crisis Situations Consistency in Crisis Management: A Comprehensive Canadian Approach to Humanitarian Intervention
2006-2007 Lauren Hunter &
Mark Rubenstein
Canada-US Relations Partnership Through Capacity Building: A Forward Looking Strategy for Canada-US Relations

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