International Radio of Serbia

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International Radio of Serbia
Type Radio network
Country Serbia
Availability International
Owner Radio Television of Serbia
Launch date
March 8, 1936 (1936-03-08)
Dissolved July 31, 2015
Former names
Free Yugoslavia, Radio Yugoslavia
Official website

The International Radio of Serbia (Serbian: Међународни радио Србија) was the official international broadcasting station of Serbia.

International Radio of Serbia used to broadcast to all parts of the world, in twelve languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Albanian, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese and Serbian.

According to reports, the service closed on July 31, 2015, after 79 years of broadcasting.[1]


The broadcasting of the program for foreign countries from this region started on March 8, 1936, in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and an immediate reason of the establishment of a short-wave radio was the need to confront the fascist propaganda. In November, 1941, during the occupation of Belgrade in the Second World War, a Free Yugoslavia radio station started its work and it broadcast its program until 1945, from the city of Ufa on the Ural River (Russia). From 1945, the program intended for foreign listeners throughout the world was broadcast within the scope of Radio Belgrade. Radio Yugoslavia was established by a resolution of the Federative People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, and was working in that status until January, 1954, when Radio Belgrade took over the broadcasting of the program for foreign listeners, again. A Decree on the establishment of the informative working organization of Radio Yugoslavia was rendered on January 26, 1977, and the radio started broadcasting on February 2, 1978, as a separate institution.

From 1951, the foreign program for the world had been broadcast through Stubline Transmission Center, located in the vicinity of Belgrade, and a new center beside Bijeljina (the Republika Srpska) was completed in 1987. In 1992, due to war operations in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, two transmitters were moved from Bijeljina center to the short-wave center in Stubline. During the 1999 NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the main building of Stubline transmission center was destroyed, along with all transmitters.

Current broadcasts[edit]

Radio Yugoslavia – the International Radio of Serbia got its Internet web site in March, 1997. The radio station web site offers a possibility of daily listening to the program in six languages: Serbian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, or a follow-up in writing, in thirteen languages: Serbian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Albanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese.

Beside the program intended for foreign listeners abroad, since 1991, Radio Yugoslavia alias - the International Radio of Serbia has been broadcasting a local program at JU RADIO, on 100.4 MHz.

The station maintains regular contacts with listeners from the country and from abroad. Several thousands of letters are received annually from all over the world. About 190 staff-members take part in the program realization.

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