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The International Ranger Federation is an organisation which represents Park Rangers and Park Wardens across the world.

Many countries have agencies that undertake the protection and management of natural areas. The rangers within these organisations are represented at the international level by the International Ranger Federation (IRF). The IRF seeks to represent Park Rangers on a professional level. A number of countries also have affiliated organisations with the same goals.


The International Ranger Federation (IRF) was founded in 1992 with a signed agreement between the Countryside Management Association (CMA), representing rangers in England and Wales; the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association (SCRA); and the U.S. Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR).

As of 2006 42 associations of rangers, including national, state and territorial entities, have affiliated with the IRF. Additionally, rangers from 8 countries have applied for provisional membership in IRF while they attempt to establish ranger associations in their countries.


The goals of the IRF are to provide a forum for rangers from around the world to share their successes and failures in protecting the world's heritage and to promote information and technology transfer from countries in which protected area management enjoys broad public and government support to countries in which protected area management is less well supported.

Affiliated Organisations[edit]

The Australian Ranger Federation (ARF), Associazione Italiana Guardie dei Parchi e delle Aree Protette (AIGAP), Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR)

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