International Record Review

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International Record Review
Cover of International Record Review from
December 2006 featuring the conductor Ilan Volkov
EditorMáire Taylor
Categoriesclassical music
PublisherInternational Record Review, Ltd.
First issueMarch 2000
Final issueApril 2015
United Kingdom

International Record Review was an independent British monthly classical music magazine.

First published in March 2000, and defunct by April 2015 according to its website,[1] the magazine reviewed classical music CDs, DVDs and books. Its format was similar to that of its competitors, the long established Gramophone and the more recent BBC Music Magazine: CD and DVD reviews were divided into orchestral, chamber, instrumental, choral, vocal and opera. Reviews in International Record Review were more detailed than those appearing in Gramophone and BBC Music Magazine.[citation needed]

Each issue contained a list of new releases and at least one feature article.

Following the death in February 2015 of the magazine's publisher and the sole director of International Record Review Limited, Barry Irving,[2] the company declared itself insolvent in letters to its associates and on its website.


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