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The International Road Assessment Programme or iRAP assesses roads all over the world and aims to significantly reduce road casualties by improving the safety of road infrastructure.

iRAP was formed in 2006 as an umbrella organisation for EuroRAP, usRAP and AusRAP and also to facilitate work in middle and low income countries.

In 2006 and 2007 four pilot studies in Malaysia, Chile, Costa Rica and South Africa have been undertaken. These studies showed that road assessment is also helpful in developing countries. High-risk roads where large numbers are killed or seriously injured are inspected and affordable programmes of safety engineering are identified. As the percentage of vulnerable road users, like pedestrians and two-wheelers among the road deaths is high in those countries, iRAP focuses on measures to improve road design especially for these users.
The pilot studies have been supported by national motoring organisations, authorities and by teams that have been formed as part of EuroRAP, usRAP and AusRAP.

Initial results from the pilot studies are due in September 2007

Pilot projects[edit]


Costa Rica


South Africa

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