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International Rollball Federation is an international sports body for the sport Rollball. This also had its own world cup for Rollball, the 2011 Rollball World Cup in Pune. India a member and host was runners-up Denmark won the world cup and a non-member . Many member nations did not took part and there were many non members.[1]

RollBall is a game designed by a Sports teacher from Pune - Mr. Raju Dabhade. The game is a unique combination of roller-skates, basketball, handball and throwball. 3rd World Cup will be held in Pune, India from 14–20 December 2015. More than 50 countries are expecting to participate in the game.


There are 19 member of the International Rollball Federation. Out of these 12 are from Asia, 5 from Europe and 2 each from Africa and Pan Americas. There are 4 members from Oceania so far to this federation.[2]

Africa (2)

Asia (12)
Europe (5)
Oceania (4)


There are six countries which participated in the 2011 Rollball World Cup but are non-members of the International Rollball Federation. These include the defending champions Denmark

Africa (2)
Asia (4)
Europe (5)