International Scott Centenary Expedition 2012

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The International Scott Centenary Expedition 2012 is an expedition to the last tent site of Captain Robert Falcon Scott to hold a memorial service on the centenary of his death. The patrons of the expedition include Jonathan Band. The expedition will be led by Antony Jinman and Felicity Aston, who previously led the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition. The expedition's goal is to commemorate the death of Scott.

Historical background[edit]

Robert Falcon Scott's British Antarctic Expedition took place from 1910–1913. The main objective, as expressed by Scott in his prospectus, was "To reach the South Pole and to secure for the British Empire the honour of this achievement". The expedition had further objectives in scientific research and geographical exploration and intended to make "... bagging the Pole merely an item in the results". To achieve this, Scott took with him an extensive team of scientists.

The expedition[edit]

The expedition will consist of two parties: a sledge team and a flight team. The sledge team will replicate the route of the search party that found Scott and his men. The flight party will include members of the Polar families, patrons, and media.[1]

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