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International Semantic Web Conference
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The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) is a series of academic conferences and the premier international forum, for the Semantic Web, Linked Data and Knowledge Graph Community.[1][2][3] Here, scientists, industry specialists, and practitioners meet to discuss the future of practical, scalable, user-friendly, and game changing solutions.[4] Its proceedings are published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer-Verlag.


ISWC conferences
Conference Date Place Proceedings Notes
ISWC 2021 October/November United States Albany, New York, USA
ISWC 2020 2-6 November Greece Athens, Greece, Greece
ISWC 2019 26-30 October New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand LNCS vol. 11778, LNCS vol.11779
ISWC 2018 08-12 October United States Monterey, California, USA LNCS vol.11136, LNCS vol.11137
ISWC 2017 21-25 October Austria Vienna, Austria LNCS vol.10587, LNCS vol.10588
ISWC 2016 17-21 October Japan Kobe, Japan LNCS vol.9981, LNCS vol.9982
ISWC 2015 11–15 October United States Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA LNCS vol.9366, LNCS vol.9367
ISWC 2014 19–23 October Italy Riva del Garda, Italy LNCS vol.8796, LNCS vol.8797
ISWC 2013 21–25 October Australia Sydney, Australia LNCS vol.8218, LNCS vol.8219
ISWC 2012 11–15 November United States Boston, USA LNCS vol. 7649, LNCS vol. 7650
ISWC 2011 23–27 October Germany Bonn, Germany LNCS vol. 7031, LNCS vol. 7032
ISWC 2010 7–11 November China Shanghai, China LNCS vol. 6496, LNCS vol. 6497
ISWC 2009 25–29 October United States Washington, DC, USA LNCS vol. 5823
ISWC 2008 26-30, October Germany Karlsruhe, Germany LNCS vol. 5318
ISWC 2007 11–15 November South Korea Busan, South Korea LNCS vol. 4825 Held together with ASWC 2007.
ISWC 2006 5–9 November United States Athens, Georgia, USA LNCS vol. 4273
ISWC 2005 6–10 November Republic of Ireland Galway, Ireland LNCS vol. 3729
ISWC 2004 7–11 November Japan Hiroshima, Japan LNCS vol. 3298
ISWC 2003 20–23 October United States Sanibel Island, USA LNCS vol. 2870
ISWC 2002 9–12 June Italy Sardinia, Italy LNCS vol. 2342


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