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Fédération Internationale de Ski
Fédération internationale de ski (logo).svg
Formation2 February 1924
TypeSports federation
HeadquartersOberhofen am Thunersee, Switzerland
123 members
Official language
English, French, German, Russian
Gian-Franco Kasper
Secretary General
Sarah Lewis

The Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS; English: International Ski Federation) is the world's highest governing body for international winter sports. Founded in Chamonix on 2 February 1924, it is responsible for the Olympic disciplines of Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. The FIS is also responsible for setting the international competition rules. The organization now has a membership of 118 national ski associations and is based in Oberhofen am Thunersee, Switzerland.

Most World Cup wins[edit]

More than 45 World Cup wins in all disciplines run by International Ski Federation for men and ladies:

Rank Wins Discipline Code
1 Switzerland Amélie Reymond 115 Telemark skiing TM
2 Switzerland Conny Kisling 106 Freestyle skiing FS
3 Sweden Ingemar Stenmark 86 Alpine skiing AL
4 Norway Marit Bjørgen 84
Cross-country skiing CC
5 United States Lindsey Vonn 82 Alpine skiing AL
6 France Karine Ruby 67 Snowboarding SB
Austria Marcel Hirscher 67 Alpine skiing AL
8 Austria Annemarie Moser-Pröll 62 Alpine skiing AL
9 United States Mikaela Shiffrin 62 Alpine skiing AL
10 United States Jan Bucher 57 Freestyle skiing FS
Czech Republic Jan Němec 57 Grass skiing GS
12 Canada Mikaël Kingsbury 56 Freestyle skiing FS
13 Switzerland Vreni Schneider 55 Alpine skiing AL
Japan Sara Takanashi 55 Ski jumping JP
15 Austria Hermann Maier 54 Alpine skiing AL
16 Austria Gregor Schlierenzauer 53 Ski jumping JP
17 Italy Alberto Tomba 50 Alpine skiing AL
18 Finland Hannu Manninen 48 Nordic combined NK
France Phillipe Lau 48 Telemark skiing TM
20 Finland Matti Nykänen 46 Ski jumping JP
United States Donna Weinbrecht 46 Freestyle skiing FS
Norway Bjørn Dæhlie 46 Cross-country skiing CC
Austria Renate Götschl 46 Alpine skiing AL
United States Hannah Kearney 46 Freestyle skiing FS

Ski disciplines[edit]

The federation organises the following ski sport disciplines, for which it oversees World Cup competitions and World Championships:

Note: The discipline of Biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, has its own organisation, the International Biathlon Union (IBU).

FIS Congress history[edit]

List of all hosts:[1]


The Crystal Globe trophy awarded by the FIS to the winner of the Ski Jumping World Cup
# Name Nationality Term
1. Ivar Holmquist Sweden 1924–1934
2. Nicolai Ramm Østgaard Norway 1934–1951
3. Marc Hodler Switzerland 1951–1998
4. Gian-Franco Kasper Switzerland 1998–


Official FIS ski museums[edit]

As of 2017, there are 31 official FIS Ski Museums worldwide in 13 countries which are devoted to the history of skiing, taking into account the region's own history of skiing and tourism.[2]

List of FIS ski museums (incomplete)[edit]

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