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The International Socialist Network (ISN or IS Network for short) was a short-lived revolutionary socialist organisation in Britain. It was formed as a split from the Socialist Workers Party in 2013 following the alleged rape scandal concerning former National Secretary, Martin Smith.[1][2]

According to the group's Autumn 2014 Discussion Bulletin, it was "a tendency within Left Unity".[3] The ISN also participated in unity talks involving other organisations, some of which are involved in Left Unity, including Workers Power, Socialist Resistance, Anti-Capitalist Initiative and Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century (RS21).[4] It published regular 'internal' bulletins that are also publicly available, and one issue of a proposed journal, 'Cactus'.[5]

The ISN voted to disband at a national meeting in May 2015 and encouraged members to join other socialist organisations[6]

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