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The International Society for Design and Development in Education (ISDDE) was formed in 2005 with the goal of improving educational design around the world.[1] Educational design has been a secondary concern in a number of settings and there has been very little direct attention focused on design principles and design processes in educational design.[2]

Society goals[edit]

The society has a number of goals, including:

  • improving the design and development process
  • building a community among existing designers and create training opportunities for new designers
  • increasing the impact of educational designers on educational practice


The society governance is outlined in its constitution.[3] In brief, the society is run by an Executive of at least 12 members. Within the Executive, there are three officers with particular duties (such as appointing local chairs of the annual conference, organizing the prize process, etc.)

ISDDE Journal[edit]

Starting in 2008, the society developed an open access Electronic journal, called the Educational Designer.

Annual conference[edit]

Regional conference[edit]

Prizes for Excellence in Design for Education, the "Eddies"[edit]

Starting in 2008, ISDDE supports a 10,000 USD prize for excellence in educational design, known as the "Eddies". The prize alternates across years between rewarding particular designs and rewarding lifetime contributions to educational design.

2008 prize winners[4]

2009 prize winner [5]

  • Paul Black of Kings College London for a lifetime’s achievement of excellence in educational design and development in science and in technology.

2010 prize winner [6]

  • Michal Yerushalmy of the Research Institute of Alternatives in Education at the University of Haifa for Visual Math, a curriculum developed through a rigorous process to produce innovative materials with great demonstrated impact on students, teachers, and educational designers around the world.

2011 prize winner [7]

  • Jan de Lange of the University of Utrecht for a lifetime’s achievement of excellence in educational design and development in mathematics.

2012 prize winner [8]

2013 prize winner [9]

  • Hugh Burkhardt of the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education for a lifetime’s achievement in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field, including his leadership of the Shell Centre and his key role in founding this Society.

2014 prize winner [10]

2015 prize winner [11]

  • Solomon Garfunkel, Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, for COMAP

2016 prize winner

  • Uri Wilensky, Northwestern University, for NetLogo


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