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International Solomon University (ISU) is one of the leading non-governmental higher education institutions of Ukraine.

It was founded in 1991 with an emphasis on modern world standards of higher education. In 1991-1994 Professor Alexander Tetelbaum was the President-founder of ISU. Teaching at the ISU begun on September 1, 1993.

The conception and development strategy of International Solomon University were formed by outstanding scholars and public figures, among which F. Alekseev, M. Altschuler, F. Burchak, F. Gorovsky, Yu. Daletsky, L. Krasny, M. Epshtein, A. Rozenfeld, Yu. Furmanov, R. Shapshovych, A. Tetelbaum, G. Yusim, and G. Yablonsky.

The supreme body of ISU management is the Board of Founders, headed by R.M. Shapshovych. The Board of Founders and the Supervisory Council of ISU are represented by famous scholars and social and political figures. The management of the current ISU activity is carried out by the rector - Professor, Doctor of Economics A. Rozenfeld. The ISU vice-rector — Professor G. Finin. The Eastern-Ukrainian Affiliated Department in Kharkiv (director — Professor B. Yelkin) prepares specialists in History, Software, Finance and Marketing.

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