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The International Space Education Institute is a charitable free institute to support the study- and occupational orientation in engineer's being and aerospace industries (registered association). It was founded after 4 years of preparation by Ralf Heckel in October 2005. The International Space Education Institute (SEI) supports high school- and college students in international space competitions. More at than 100 units per year the students are learning in 16 different subjects of science.

The association received popularity as first guide of international space students to Russian- and NASA space centers. Since 2007 the SEI-Students are annual competitors at the NASA Moonbuggy Race.

The ambassadress of space education is Yvonne Heckel since 2002 (for the Moscow Aviation Institute since 2003, International SpaceCamp since 2005).

A counselor board of ca. 60 international scientists are controlling the student work.

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