International Stuttering Association

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International Stuttering Association
International Stuttering Association logo.jpg
Abbreviation ISA[1]
Motto A world that understands stuttering
Formation 1995[2]
Type Nonprofit support group
Headquarters New Ulm, Minnesota, United States[3]
Region served
National and international self-help stuttering organizations
Official language
Keith Boss
Main organ
One Voice (twice a year)

The International Stuttering Association (ISA),[1] founded in Linköping, Sweden, in July 1995,[2] is a nonprofit international support group organization for people who stutter. The current chair is Keith Boss.[4][5]


Membership of ISA is open to national or international self-help organizations of people who stutter. Individuals can become non-voting special friends or honorary members.[2]

The first honorary lifetime members of ISA are Jane Fraser of the Stuttering Foundation of America, and Judith Kuster.[2]


The Association publishes a newsletter, One Voice,[6] which is published twice a year and is a joint project with the European League of Stuttering Associations.[7]

International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD)[edit]

Together with the International Fluency Association and the European League of Stuttering Associations,[8] the International Stuttering Association celebrates, every 22 October, International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) which includes an online conference on stuttering[9] and a media campaign.[10]


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