International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications

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The International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) is an annual academic conference in the wireless research arena organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' Communications Society. This event has emerged as one of the Communications Society flagship conferences in telecommunications with a long history of bringing together academia, industry and regulatory bodies.

The conference grew out of a workshop on mobile communication organised by the London branch of the Society at King's College, University of London, in 1989. The first PIMRC convened, as an international symposium, at King’s College, University of London in 1991 with fewer than 200 attendees. The first occurrence of the PIMRC in North America was in 1992 at Boston’s Westin Hotel and it attracted 500 attendees, paving the way for the symposium to become one of the flagship wireless events for the IEEE Communications Society.[1] The conference was formed in early 1990s, when new competing medium access technologies were being examined for the exponentially growing cellular telephone market and innovative WLAN transmission technologies were emerging for high speed wireless local area networking (WLAN). This situation made this event an important forum facilitating the growth of the industry to the extent that the symposium hosted the first technical presentation of CDMA cellular networking technology by Qualcomm in PIMRC’91 and the first appearance of researchers in WLAN and mobile wireless data communication services in PIMRC’92.

The chronology of the event from its inception is:

  • Workshop on wireless communications 1989 at Kings College, London
  • Workshop on wireless communications 1990 at Kings College, London
  • PIMRC 1991 in London
  • PIMRC 1992 in Boston, MA, USA
  • PIMRC 1993 in Yokohama, Japan
  • PIMRC 1994 in The Hague, Netherlands
  • PIMRC 1995 in Toronto, ON., Canada,
  • PIMRC 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan
  • PIMRC 1997 in Helsinki, Finland
  • PIMRC 1998 in Boston, MA, USA
  • PIMRC 1999 in Osaka, Japan
  • PIMRC 2000 in London, UK
  • PIMRC 2001 in San Diego, USA
  • PIMRC 2002 in Lisbon, Portugal
  • PIMRC 2003 in Beijing, China
  • PIMRC 2004 in Barcelona, Spain
  • PIMRC 2005 in Berlin, Germany
  • PIMRC 2006 in Helsinki, Finland
  • PIMRC 2007 in Athens, Greece
  • PIMRC 2008 in Cannes, France
  • PIMRC 2009 in Tokyo, Japan
  • PIMRC 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey
  • PIMRC 2011 in Toronto, ON, Canada
  • PIMRC 2012 in Sydney, Australia
  • PIMRC 2013 in London, UK
  • PIMRC 2014 in Washington, DC, USA
  • PIMRC 2015 in Hong Kong, China
  • PIMRC 2016 in Valencia, Spain
  • PIMRC 2017 in Montreal, QC, Canada.
  • PIMRC 2018 in Bologna, Italy.
  • PIMRC 2019 will be in Istanbul, Turkey.

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