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Vladimir Putin at the gala concert of winners of the XV International Competition

The International Tchaikovsky Competition is a classical music competition held every four years in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia, for pianists, violinists, and cellists between 16 and 32 years of age and singers between 19 and 32 years of age. The competition is named after Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and was a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions until April 2022.[1]

The International Tchaikovsky Competition was the first international music competition held in the Soviet Union. For the XIV competition in 2011, Valery Gergiev was appointed the competition's chairman, and Richard Rodzinski, former president of the Van Cliburn Foundation, was appointed general director. A new voting system was instituted, created by mathematician John MacBain, and used by the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, and the Cleveland International Piano Competition. All rules and regulations also underwent a complete revision. Emphasis was placed on the composition of the jury, which consisted primarily of well-known and respected performing artists.[2]

The XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition was held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, from 14 June to 1 July 2011, under the auspices of the Russian federal government and its Ministry of Culture. The competition disciplines were piano, violin, cello, and voice (male singers and female singers). The XV competition took place in June 2015.[3] The XVI competition took place 17–29 June 2019, in Moscow and St. Petersburg; woodwind and brass competition disciplines were added.[4]


Cash prizes are awarded to the top-five competitors in each discipline of piano, violin, cello, and to each of the top four competitors in the men's and women's solo vocal categories. First prize (not always awarded) is US$30,000; second, US$20,000; third, US$10,000; fourth, US$5,000; and fifth, US$3,000. An additional prize, a Grand Prix of US$100,000, may be awarded to one of the gold medalists deemed outstanding by the juries. Additional awards are given for best performance of the chamber concertos and the commissioned new work.[5]

For the 2019 competition, the prizes[6] are as follows:

Prize Amount
Grand Prix US$100,000 in addition to the 1st Prize amount, for a total of US$130,000
1st Prize US$30,000 and a Gold Medal
2nd Prize US$20,000 and a Silver Medal
3rd Prize US$10,000 and a Bronze Medal
4th Prize US$5,000 and a Diploma
5th Prize US$3,000 and a Diploma
6th Prize US$2,000 and a Diploma
Best performance of a concerto with a chamber orchestra in Round II (in the piano, violin, and cello sections) US$2,000 and a Diploma


Held every four years, the first competition, in 1958, included two disciplines – piano and violin. Beginning with the second competition, in 1962, a cello category was added, and the vocal division was introduced during the third competition in 1966. In 1990, a fifth discipline was announced for the IX International Tchaikovsky Competition – a contest for violin makers which traditionally comes before the main competition. In 2019, two new categories were added to the competition, woodwinds and brass.[7]

Tianxu An incident[edit]

On 25 June 2019, at the final round of the piano category, Chinese competitor Tianxu An was supposed to play Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 followed by Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. However, the scores on the orchestra's and conductor's stands were placed in reversed order and the Rachmaninoff piece was announced first, different from what the pianist requested. Since An didn't understand Russian, he was unaware of the situation. With the piano entry in the Rachmaninoff almost immediate, the performance "began with a failure". Following the incident, jury chair Denis Matsuev invited him to perform the program again, but An declined. The competition made an official apology and the orchestra administration suspended the responsible staff after the event. An was eventually awarded a "special prize" for his confidence and courage.[8][9][10][11]

Excluded from World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC)[edit]

On 19 April 2022, World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) has decided with an overwhelming majority of member votes to exclude the International Tchaikovsky Competition from its membership with immediate effect due to "Russia´s brutal war and humanitarian atrocities in Ukraine".[12][1]

Prize winners[edit]

Winners of the prizes and medals awarded in the given year and category.[13]


Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver 3rd Prize/Bronze
1958 United States Van Cliburn Soviet Union Lev Vlassenko
China Liu Shikun
Soviet Union Naum Shtarkman
1962 Soviet Union Vladimir Ashkenazy
United Kingdom John Ogdon
United States Susan Starr
China Yin Chengzong
Soviet Union Eliso Virsaladze
1966 Soviet Union Grigory Sokolov United States Misha Dichter Soviet Union Victor Eresko [fr]
1970 Soviet Union Vladimir Krainev
United Kingdom John Lill
Cuba Horacio Gutiérrez Brazil Arthur Moreira Lima
Soviet Union Viktoria Postnikova
1974 Soviet Union Andrei Gavrilov South Korea Myung-whun Chung
Soviet Union Stanislav Igolinsky
Soviet Union Youri Egorov
1978 Soviet Union Mikhail Pletnev France Pascal Devoyon
Canada André Laplante
Soviet Union Nikolai Demidenko
Soviet Union Evgeny Rivkin
1982 Not awarded United Kingdom Peter Donohoe
Soviet Union Vladimir Ovchinnikov
Japan Michie Koyama[14][15][16]
1986 United Kingdom Barry Douglas Soviet Union Natalia Trull [ru] Soviet Union Irina Plotnikova
1990 Soviet Union Boris Berezovsky Soviet Union Vladimir Mischouk United States Kevin Kenner
Belgium Johan Schmidt
Soviet Union Anton Mordasov
1994 Not awarded Russia Nikolai Lugansky Russia Vadim Rudenko
South Korea HaeSun Paik
1998 Russia Denis Matsuev Russia Vadim Rudenko United Kingdom Freddy Kempf
2002 Japan Ayako Uehara Russia Alexei Nabiulin China Jin Ju
Russia Andrey Ponochevny
2007 Not awarded Russia Miroslav Kultyshev Russia Alexander Lubyantsev
2011 Russia Daniil Trifonov South Korea Yeol Eum Son South Korea Seong-Jin Cho
2015 Russia Dmitry Masleev LithuaniaRussia Lucas Geniušas
United States George Li
Russia Sergei Redkin
Russia Daniel Kharitonov
2019 France Alexandre Kantorow Japan Mao Fujita
Russia Dmitry Shishkin
Russia Konstantin Emelyanov
United States Kenneth Broberg
Russia Alexey Melnikov


Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver 3rd Prize/Bronze
1958 Soviet Union Valery Klimov Soviet Union Victor Pikayzen [fr] Romania Ștefan Ruha [ro]
1962 Soviet Union Boris Gutnikov Israel Shmuel Ashkenasi
Soviet Union Irina Bochkova [ru]
Soviet Union Nina Beilina
Japan Yoko Kubo
1966 Soviet Union Viktor Tretiakov Japan Masuko Ushioda
Soviet Union Oleg Kagan
Japan Yoko Sato
Soviet Union Oleh Krysa
1970 Soviet Union Gidon Kremer Soviet Union Vladimir Spivakov
Japan Mayumi Fujikawa
Soviet Union Liana Isakadze
1974 Not awarded United States Eugene Fodor
Soviet Union Ruben Aharonyan
Soviet Union Rusudan Gvasaliya
France Marie-Annick Nicolas
Bulgaria Vanya Milanova
1978 Soviet Union Ilya Grubert
United States Elmar Oliveira
Romania Mihaela Martin
United States Dylana Jenson
Soviet Union Irina Medvedeva
Soviet Union Alexandr Vinnitsky
1982 Soviet Union Viktoria Mullova
Soviet Union Sergei Stadler
Japan Tomoko Kato United States Stephanie Chase
United States Andres Cardenes
1986 Soviet Union Ilya Kaler
France Raphaël Oleg
China Xue Wei [ru]
Soviet Union Maxim Fedotov
Australia Jane Peters
1990 Japan Akiko Suwanai Soviet Union Evgeny Bushkov [ru] United States Alyssa Park
1994 Not awarded Russia Anastasia Chebotareva
United States Jennifer Koh
Russia Graf Murzha [ru]
Italy Marco Rizzi
1998 Russia Nikolai Sachenko Germany Latica Honda-Rosenberg China Ichun Pan
2002 Not awarded JapanUnited States Tamaki Kawakubo
China Xi Chen
Russia Tatiana Samouil [de]
2007 Japan Mayuko Kamio Russia Nikita Boriso-Glebsky Germany Yuki Manuela Janke
2011[17] Not awarded Russia Sergey Dogadin
Israel Itamar Zorman
South Korea Jehye Lee [ru]
2015 Not awarded Taiwan Yu-Chien Tseng Moldova Alexandra Conunova
Russia Haik Kazazyan
Russia Pavel Milyukov
2019 Russia Sergey Dogadin Belgium Marc Bouchkov South Korea Donghyun Kim


Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver 3rd Prize/Bronze
1962 Soviet Union Natalia Shakhovskaya United States Leslie Parnas
Soviet Union Valentin Feygin [ru]
Soviet Union Natalia Gutman
Soviet Union Mikhail Khomitzer [ru]
1966 Soviet Union Karine Georgian [ru] United States Stephen Kates
Finland Arto Noras
Japan Kenichiro Yasuda
Soviet Union Eleonora Testelets [ru]
1970 Soviet Union David Geringas Soviet Union Victoria Yagling [nl] Japan Ko Iwasaki
1974 Soviet Union Boris Pergamenschikov Soviet Union Ivan Monighetti Japan Hirofumi Kanno
Bulgaria Seta Baltayan
1978 United States Nathaniel Rosen Japan Mari Fudzivara
Czechoslovakia Daniel Veis
Soviet Union Alexander Kniazev
Soviet Union Alexander Rudin
1982 Brazil Antonio Meneses Soviet Union Alexander Rudin West Germany Georg Faust
1986 Italy Mario Brunello
Soviet Union Kirill Rodin
Soviet Union Suren Bagratuni
Finland Martti Rousi
United States Sara Sant'Ambrogio
United States John Sharp
1990 West Germany Gustav Rivinius Luxembourg Françoise Groben
Soviet Union Alexander Kniazev
United States Bion Tsang
United Kingdom Tim Hugh [ru]
1994 Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
1998 Russia Denis Shapovalov Australia Li-Wei Qin Russia Boris Andrianov [ru]
2002 Not awarded Germany Johannes Moser Germany Claudius Popp
Armenia Alexander Chaushian
2007 Russia Sergey Antonov Russia Alexander Buzlov Hungary István Várdai
2011 Armenia Narek Hakhnazaryan France Edgar Moreau Belarus Ivan Karizna
2015 Romania Andrei Ioniță Russia Alexander Ramm Russia Alexander Buzlov
2019 United States Zlatomir Fung Colombia Santiago Cañón Valencia [es] Russia Anastasia Kobekina

Vocal, female[edit]

Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver 3rd Prize/Bronze
1966 United States Jane Marsh United States Veronica Tyler
Bulgaria Evelina Stoytseva
Not awarded
1970 Soviet Union Elena Obraztsova
Soviet Union Tamara Sinyavskaya
Not awarded Soviet Union Evdokia Kolesnik
1974 Not awarded Soviet Union Lyudmila Sergienko [ru]
Bulgaria Stefka Evstatieva
Hungary Sylvia Sass
Soviet Union Galina Kalinina
Soviet Union Tatiana Erastova
1978 Soviet Union Lyudmila Shemchuk Soviet Union Lyudmila Nam Poland Ewa Podleś
Romania Mariana Ciaromila
1982 Soviet Union Lidiya Zabilyasta Soviet Union Khuraman Gasimova United States Dolora Zajick
1986 Soviet Union Natalia Erasova United States Barbara Kilduff
Romania Ana Felicia Filip
Soviet Union Maria Guleghina
1990 United States Deborah Voigt Soviet Union Marina Shaguch Romania Emilia Oprea
Soviet Union Maria Khokhlogorskaya
1994 Georgia (country) Hibla Gerzmava
Russia Marina Lapina
United States Laura Claycomb
Ukraine Tatiana Zakharchu
Russia Irina Gelahova
1998 Japan Mieko Sato [jp] Russia Elena Manistina Kazakhstan Maira Mukhamed
2002 Russia Aitalina Afanasieva-Adamova China Wu Bixia [fr] Russia Anna Samuil [de]
2007 Russia Albina Shagimuratova Russia Olesya Petrova Japan Marika Gulordava
2011 South Korea Sunyoung Seo Not awarded Russia Elena Guseva
2015 Russia Yulia Matochkina Russia Svetlana Moskalenko Armenia Mane Galoyan
2019 Russia Maria Barakova Russia Aigul Khismatullina Russia Maria Motoligina

Vocal, male[edit]

Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver 3rd Prize/Bronze
1966 Soviet Union Vladimir Atlantov Soviet Union Nikolai Okhotnikov United States Simon Estes
Soviet Union Konstantin Lisovsky
1970 Soviet Union Yevgeny Nesterenko
Soviet Union Nikolai Ogrenich [ru]
Soviet Union Vladislav Piavko
Soviet Union Zurab Sotkilava
Soviet Union Victor Trishin
1974 Soviet Union Ivan Ponomarenko Hungary Kolos Kováts Soviet Union Anatoly Ponomarenko
Soviet Union Vladimir Malchenko
1978 Not awarded Soviet Union Valentin Pivovarov
Soviet Union Nikita Storojev
Soviet Union Yuri Statnik
1982 Soviet Union Paata Burchuladze Soviet Union Gegham Grigoryan Soviet Union Vladimir Chernov
1986 Soviet Union Alexander Morozov
Soviet Union Grigory Gritsyuk
Soviet Union Barseg Tumanyan Soviet Union Sergei Martynov
1990 United States Hans Choi Soviet Union Boris Statsenko Soviet Union Oleg Kulko
Poland Wojciech Drabowicz
1994 China Chen-Ye Yuan Not awarded Russia Mikhail Davydov
North Korea Ho Gwan Su
1998 Georgia (country) Besik Gabitashvili Russia Yevgeny Nikitin Russia Alexander Kisselev
2002 Russia Mikhail Kazakov [ru] Russia Andrej Dunaev South Korea Kim Don Seub
2007 Ukraine Alexander Tsymbalyuk Russia Dmitry Belosselskiy Ukraine Maxim Paster
2011 South Korea Jongmin Park Mongolia Enkhbatyn Amartüvshin Not awarded
2015 Mongolia Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar China Chuanyue Wang South Korea Hansung Yoo
2019 Greece Georgios Alexandros Stavrakakis South Korea Gihoon Kim Russia Migran Agagzanyan


Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver 3rd Prize/Bronze
2019 Russia Matvey Demin (Flute) Venezuela Joidy Blanco (Flute) Italy Alessandro Beverari (Clarinet)


Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver 3rd Prize/Bronze
2019 China Zeng Yun (French horn)
Russia Aleksey Lobikov (Trombone)
Russia Fedor Shagov (Tuba) France Felix Dervaux (French horn)

Grand Prix[edit]

Year Winner Category
1994[13] Georgia (country) Hibla Gerzmava Vocal, female
2011[18] Russia Daniil Trifonov Piano
2015[19] Mongolia Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar Vocal, male
2019[20] France Alexandre Kantorow Piano

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