International Traditional Karate Federation

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International Traditional Karate Federation
TypeSports martial art association
Legal statusFederation
PurposeDevelopment of Traditional Karate Worldwide
HeadquartersCuritiba, Brazil
  • Brazil
Region served
Gilberto Gaertner
Main organ
Brazil office & administration
RemarksFounder - H. Nishiyama

The International Traditional Karate Federation (国際伝統空手連盟, Kokusai Dentō Karate Renmei) or ITKF is the international governing body for Traditional Karate. This organisation was founded by Hidetaka Nishiyama. In the early 1990s, Nishiyama's refusal to align his ITKF organization with the World Union of Karate-Do Organizations (WUKO) caused the International Olympic Committee to suspend its recognition of WUKO as amateur karate's international governing body.[1][2] According to the IOC decision 101 from 1993 the ITKF and WUKO had been due to merge and form a unified karate organization under the IOC suggested name of WKF. The IOC further indicated its intention to recognize the merged WKF should ITKF and WUKO successfully fulfill the IOC 101 decision guidelines, but this did not eventuate.[3] The WUKO eventually became the World Union of Karate-Do Federations in late 2008.[3]

ITKF Officials[edit]

  • Chairman: Prof. Gilberto Gaertner
  • Board of Directors: Gilberto Gaertner, Antonio Walger, Roman Pavlovic
  • General Secretary: Luiz Alberto Küster
  • Treasurer: Rui Francisco Martins Marçal
  • Director General: Sadiomar Santos
  • Technical Committee: Gilberto Gaertner, Eligio Contareli, Justo Gomez
  • Communications & Marketing Committee: Eyal Nir, Roman Pavlovic, Ibrahim Al-Bakr, Leonardo Neves Berg do Prado,
  • Innovation and Technology Committee: Vinícius Sant’Anna Pinto, Joarez Evangelista Franco Junior, Rafael Gustavo Gaertner, Sheriff Abuel Enein,

National federations[edit]

The ITKF has national clubs in more than 60 countries.[4]


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