International Turkish Hope School, Dhaka

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International Turkish Hope School (ITHS)
Uttara, Dhaka
Coordinates 23°51′53″N 90°23′38″E / 23.8647°N 90.3938°E / 23.8647; 90.3938Coordinates: 23°51′53″N 90°23′38″E / 23.8647°N 90.3938°E / 23.8647; 90.3938
Type Private School
Established 1996 (1996)
Founder Kazim Eldes
Principal Bedrettin Suata
Grades Playgroup through 12
Enrollment 2000 (all campuses, 2014)
Campus size 2 acres (main campus)
Campus type Urban

International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) is an English medium, private school in Bangladesh.

History and campus[edit]

Founder Principal Kazim Eldes established ITHS in Dhaka in 1996.[1] The President of Turkey, Süleyman Demirel, a strong supporter of Turkish schools, officially inaugurated the school while on a state visit in March 1997.[2]

The school started as one campus in rented premises serving a small number of very young students.[1] It has since grown to eight campuses in three cities: two preschools, two junior sections (grades 15), and two senior sections (one boys, one girls) in the Gulshan and Uttara areas of Dhaka, a branch in Chittagong that spans from preschool through grade 10, and a preschool and junior section in Bogra. Combined enrollment has risen to 1,500 as of 2014.[3]

ITHS began construction of a purpose-built campus on two acres of land granted by the Bangladesh government,[4] located in Uttara Sector 4, in June 2002. Construction was finished in September 2005.[citation needed] Facilities include an extensive playground, football field, basketball court, conference hall, library, and computer and science lab. There are boys and girls hostels for boarders.[5]


ITHS is an English medium school having classes from Toddler through higher secondary level. The school follows the International GCSE and GCE system and prepares the students for O-level and A-level examinations. English is taught from an early age.[6] The British Council has partnered with the school since May 2015, teaching English language reading and writing skills to children between 11 and 13 years old at the Uttara campus.[7][8] Bengali language classes are compulsory for students with Bangladeshi roots. Turkish language is taught from class 3 to 8. Religious studies classes are compulsory for Muslim students.[6]



The Principal of ITHS is Bedrettin Suata. He is also the chairman of the management committee.[9] He was preceded by Bayram Saatci, who held the position from 1998 to 2012.[10]

Head of Section[edit]

Each section is run by a head of section who deals with all academic and administrative issues relating to that section.[11]


The teaching staff consists of experienced and qualified Bangladeshi, Turkish and other foreign teachers.[12]

In addition to their work within school hours, teachers run numerous after-school clubs and other activities, including competitions in art, poetry, drama and singing, Kids Show, and Sports Day.


There are about 2000 students. 17% of the students are from countries outside Bangladesh, including Malaysia, Canada, Philippines, US, England, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

O- and A-level results[edit]

The school reported 97% success rate in O-level and 98% in A-level in 2009.[13]

ITHS publications[edit]

ITHS publishes physics, chemistry, math, biology and language books, computer studies materials, magazines, brochures and diaries.[14]

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