International Union of Anarchists

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International Union of Anarchists (I.U.A.)
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Full nameInternational Anarchists Union
Native nameМеждународный Союз Анархистов
Founded21 November 2011
AffiliationUkraine, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Spain, Belarus

The International Union of Anarchists (IAU) is a group of international anarcho-communist organisations. The IAU has national organisations in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Latvia, Belarus and Spain, individual members in Germany and Sweden, and links to anarchists in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, France, Tunisia and Syria.[1]

The IUA's main objective is coordinating the efforts of various anarchist organizations to reorganize society according to the principles of federative self-governance.


IUA was founded at a conference on 21 November 2011, attended by representatives from Ukraine, Israel, Germany, Latvia, and Russia. They agreed on a memorandum of association and cooperation, which was the basis upon which later programming, structure, and basic rules of activity were established.

Most of IUA’s members before November 2011 were part of RKAS and separated into autonomous structures because of differences in the goals and methods of anarchist organizations, such as the prefiguration of future free society.

Several months after the conference, a significant number of people joined the IUA. Locally elected councils were then formed. Local councils assign the duties of determining solutions to the problems of both temporary and permanent group coordination. All positions are not constant in the local councils. Therefore, at the local council level, there is a constant reshuffling of posts either by the Board, or upon the personal initiative of the party. At the beginning of 2012, organizations in Spain and Sweden requested and were granted entry into the IUA.

Approach and philosophy[edit]

The common goal of IUA members is the elimination of the state, hired labor, inequality, and private property, along with the widespread replacement of commodity-money relations with relations based upon principles of mutual equality and fraternity.[1] This is to be achieved through the collaborative planning of self-managing teams of workers, tenants and consumers, along with the implementation of business activities in accordance with the principle of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs in the economic empowerment of society ... ."

The IUA also strives toward the following:

  • the widespread introduction of direct democracy
  • the transfer of full key decisions about the public life of assemblies of workers, students, pensioners and other groups (regarded as "oppressed people") to themselves
  • the creation of coordinating councils for the social control over production, housing, education and all other spheres of life, strictly subordinated to elected assemblies (via binding mandates and the right of withdrawal)
  • the autonomy of any ethnic and religious communities, provided they reject authoritarian institutions, hierarchies, values of capitalism, and xenophobia.


Members of the IUA in "Hyde Park Corner", Volgograd, June 2012
  • In 2012 members of the IUA were involved in a demonstration for fair elections in Volgograd.[2] In 2013 an activist from the IUA was detained by the Centre for Combating Extremism following a demonstration complaining about the situation of large families in Volgograd.[3]

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