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International Virtual Aviation Organisation
Abbreviation IVAO VZW
Formation December 1998
Type Nonprofit organization[1]
Purpose Provide an environment for a realistic Flight and Air Traffic Control simulation via the internet
Over 200,000
Eric J. Olson
Main organ
General Assembly

IVAO or International Virtual Aviation Organisation VZW is a non-profit association which operates a free-of-charge online flight-simulation network.[2] Following free registration users can connect to the IVAO Network (IVAN) either as a virtual air traffic controller or as a virtual pilot and engage and interact with each other in a massively multiplayer environment utilising real-world aviation procedures, phraseology and techniques.[3]


IVAO, with more than 200,000 registered members, is one of the largest online flight simulation networks that allow users to act as either a virtual pilot or air traffic controller.[4] IVAO relies solely on software developed by its own staff of volunteers. Air Traffic Controllers can connect to the IVAO network using IVAO's radar client, IvAc, that emulates the interface of a modern, real-world air traffic control radar scope. Pilots can connect using their flight simulator and the built-in pilot client, IvAp. All pilots and ATC thereby interact on a dedicated, one-world server environment that tries to simulate world-wide air traffic on an "as real as it gets" basis. While the largest part of IVAO's active membership is based in Europe, new divisions are continually being created to spread the network coverage world-wide.

IVAO logs all flight and controlling hours and offers its members to obtain virtual pilot and ATC ranks by undergoing training and passing theoretical and practical exams based around real-world aviation regulations and procedures. A fully integrated VA system offers virtual airlines the ability to operate on the IVAO Network even with fictional airline callsigns and liveries. Events and regular gatherings are organised on a daily basis by divisions or members. With approximately 8000 connections per day and an average weekday peak between 600 and 900 simultaneous connections, IVAO reached its current simultaneous connection record during the annual "Crowded Skies" event on December 10, 2016, with 3,004 members flying or controlling at the same time.


The first steps for setting up flight simulation in a massively-multiplayer online environment were taken with the creation of SquawkBox and ProController in the mid-1990s. These two programs were connected to FSD, a simple flight simulator multiplayer server, which allowed the evolution from a one-to-one (one ATC and one plane) environment to a many-to-many environment.

Using these programs, SATCO (now VATSIM) was the first large network to create an online air traffic simulation environment. On December 16, 1998 IVAO was founded when a group of people left SATCO to form a new network after management conflicts developed within the organisation.[5] In late 2005, another management conflict, this time within the IVAO organisation, led to a further split. The incumbent president of IVAO continued with, while other members of management continued the organisation under[6] In 2007 IVAO officially registered as a non-profit organisation under Belgian law.[7]

IVAO also has took part in FlightSimCon 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, held in Hartford, Connecticut.[8]

Virtual Sky Magazine[edit]

IVAO has an official online magazine, "Virtual Sky", first published in January 2008 and is available at Issuu

Production of the magazine is the responsibility of the Public Relations department, specifically the Magazine Team Manager (MTM). On October 19, 2015, it has been assigned the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2466-6742.

Since January 2016 the magazine moved to a quarterly publication.

All "Virtual Sky" issues can be access @ ISSUU

Active Divisions[edit]

As of October 2016, IVAO has active divisions in 64 Countries and MCD[Multi-country Divisions] spanning six continents and has 6 divisions currently under construction.

Algeria Argentina Aruba Australia
Austria Belarus Belgium & Luxembourg Brazil
Bulgaria Chile China
Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic
Egypt Finland France French Polynesia
Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary
India Indonesia Iran Ireland
Israel Italy Jordan Kuwait
Mexico Morocco Netherlands Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia New Zealand Norway Poland
Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia
Senegal Serbia Slovakia Slovenia
South Africa Spain Sudan Sweden
Switzerland Syria Thailand Tunisia
Turkey Ukraine Gulf Region Council United Kingdom
North America Region (United States, Canada) Venezuela Malta

Staff structure[edit]

HQ staff[edit]

Badge Callsign Position
TD Training Director
TAD Training Assistance Director
SRTAx Senior Training Advisors
TDM Training Documentation Manager
TDAx Training Documentation Advisors
HPM HQ Pilots Manager
HPAM HQ Pilots Assistance Manager
HPAx HQ Pilots Advisors
MD Membership Director
MAD Membership Assistant Director
MAx Membership Advisors
PRD Public Relations Director
PRAD Public Relations Assistance Director
PRAx Public Relations Advisors
MTM Magazine Team Manager
MTAM Magazine Team Assistant Manager
MTAx Magazine Team Advisors
AOD ATC Operations Director
AOAD ATC Operations Assistance Director
AOAx ATC Operations Advisors
FOD Flight Operations Director
FOAD Flight Operations Assistance Director
FOAx Flight Operations Advisors
SOD Special Operations Director
SOAD Special Operations Assistant Director
SOAx Special Operations Advisors
ED Events Director
EAD Events Assistant Director
EAx Events Advisors
WTD World Tour Director
WTAD World Tour Assistant Director
WTAx World Tour Advisors
DOC Development Operations Support Coordinator
DOAC Development Operations Support Assistant Coordinator
DOSx Development Operations Support
FA Forum Administrator
AFA Assistant Forum Administrator

Division's Staff[edit]

Badge Callsign Position
DIR Director
ADIR Assistant Director
SOC Special Operations Coordinator
SOAC Special Operations Assistant Coordinator
FOC Flight Operations Coordinator
FOAC Flight Operations Assistant Coordinator
AOC ATC Operations Coordinator
AOAC ATC Operations Assistant Coordinator
TC Training Coordinator
TAC Training Assistant Coordinator
TAx Division Training Advisor
MC Membership Coordinator
MAC Membership Assistant Coordinator
EC Event Coordinator
EAC Event Assistant Coordinator
EA1 Division Event Advisor 1
PRC Public Relations Coordinator
PRAC Public Relations Assistant Coordinator
WM Webmaster
AWM Assistant Webmaster
WMA1 Webmaster Advisor 1
FIR-ACH FIR Assistant Chief
FIR-CHA1 FIR Advisor 1


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