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A Pilurs-Smith DSA-1 Miniplane built by Tracy Pilurs, on permanent display in the terminal at Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport.

The International Women's Air & Space Museum, Inc. (IWASM) is a museum in Cleveland, Ohio, dedicated to the preservation of the history of women in aviation and space and the documentation of their continuing contributions today and in the future.

The museum began as a committee of the Ninety-Nines in order to collect historical artifacts and memorabilia of women pilots. In 1986, the International Women's Air & Space Museum opened in Centerville, Ohio in the former home of one of the Wright brothers' uncles. Bernice Steadman, an aviator and member of the Mercury 13, was one of the museum's co-founders.[1]

Eventually IWASM outgrew its Centerville home and needed to find a new location. In 1998, the museum moved to Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland where it sits in the terminal's lobby and west concourse. As the airport is a public building, the museum is accessible every day during operating hours and charges no admission fee.


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