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International World Games Association (IWGA)
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Headquarters in Lausanne.
TypeSports association
HeadquartersLausanne, Switzerland
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The International World Games Association (IWGA) is an international association, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), that organises every four years, beginning in 1981, the multi-sport event called The World Games.


The IWGA was founded on 21 May 1980 in Seoul, South Korea, as World Games Council by 12 international sports federations with a worldwide reach that were not yet part of the Olympic Games.[1] The intention was to increase the popularity of the sports represented by these federations. The IWGA was constituted under Swiss law as a non-governmental and non-profit-making organisation. In 1996 the World Games Council was renamed as the International World Games Association. Since its creation, the number of member federations has increased to 39 with the most recent admissions being the International Sambo Federation and International Wushu Federation in May 2021.[2]


Federations that intend to become a member of the IWGA must be part of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations). The IWGA itself is also a member of GAISF and is represented on its council. Sports that want to be recognised by the IWGA need to have a worldwide significance but actually must not be in the programme of the Olympic Games.

The highest body of the IWGA is the general meeting, which takes place each four years one year after The World Games event. The general meeting elects a seven-member executive committee that hosts four years and also decides about upcoming host cities for The World Games.

Member federations[edit]

The following international sports federations are members of IWGA.[3][4]

Sport Organisation
Aikido International Aikido Federation
Air sports World Air Sports Federation
Archery World Archery
Billiard sports World Confederation of Billiards Sports
Bodybuilding & Fitness International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness
Boules sports Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules
Bowling World Bowling
Canoe International Canoe Federation
Casting International Casting Sport Federation
DanceSport World DanceSport Federation
Fistball International Fistball Association
Floorball International Floorball Federation
Flying disc World Flying Disc Federation
Gymnastics International Gymnastics Federation
Handball International Handball Federation
Hockey International Hockey Federation
Ju-Jitsu Ju-Jitsu International Federation
Karate World Karate Federation
Kickboxing World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
Korfball International Korfball Federation
Lacrosse Federation of International Lacrosse
Life saving International Life Saving Federation
Muay Thai International Federation of Muaythai Amateur
Netball International Netball Federation
Orienteering International Orienteering Federation
Powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation
Racquetball International Racquetball Federation
Roller sports Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports
Rugby Union World Rugby
Sambo International Sambo Federation
Softball World Baseball Softball Confederation
Sport Climbing International Federation of Sport Climbing
Squash World Squash Federation
Sumo International Sumo Federation
Surfing International Surfing Association
Tug of War Tug of War International Federation
Underwater sports Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques
Water Ski & Wakeboard International Water Ski Federation
Wushu International Wushu Federation

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