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International Youth Leadership Conference is a week-long forum on world politics, international relations and justice for youth aged between 18 and 26 held in Prague, Czech Republic.


The IYLC is a week-long forum on world politics, international relations and justice that brings together prominent university students from across the globe for an open-minded exchange of ideas concerning the future of world leadership.

The objective of the IYLC is to facilitate dialogue and cooperation across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young international leaders. The conference is designed to encourage social interaction and networking in a cross-cultural learning environment by means of the following interrelated activities:


International Youth Leadership Conference is an academic course officially recognized and accredited by Anglo-American University in Prague.


The IYLC is aimed at university and college students, as well as recent graduates, who seek to strengthen their generic leadership skills and gain meaningful international experiences. The Conference welcomes individuals between 18 and 24, who demonstrate commitment to academic excellence, professional development and community involvement in a spirit of responsible and sustainable leadership.

The International Youth Leadership Conference is a unique model that harmoniously combines academic and socio-cultural components. With its busy 5-day schedule, the IYLC involves participants in diverse discussions and activities that directly and indirectly contribute to their academic and professional careers, as well as raise their intercultural, gender and environmental awareness. Ethnic diversity of the participants in composition with their rich academic and professional backgrounds ensures that the issues are probed on various levels and crosscuts. Representing various countries with their unique cultures, political systems and foreign policies, participants involve themselves in an intercourse with the whole spectrum of interests and viewpoints represented. The multiplicity of the students is a valuable asset that ensures an unprejudiced and balanced debate on all the issues in the framework of the conference.

Hosting Organisation[edit]

The IYLC is hosted by Civic Concepts International, s.r.o.

Civic Concepts International is a social enterprise promoting global citizenship by partnering with youth organizations and educators to provide high-potential youth with tools and resources that will build leadership skills, promote cross-cultural understanding, and cultivate ethical responsibility.

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