International ZO Women's Tournament

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The International ZO Women's Tournament is an annual bonspiel, or curling tournament, that takes place in late November in Wetzikon, Switzerland. The tournament is held in a triple knockout format. The tournament is part of the World Curling Tour.

Past champions[edit]

Only skip's name is displayed.[1]

Year Winning team Runner up team Purse (CHF)
1984 Switzerland Marianne Flotron
1985 Germany Andrea Schöpp
1986 Germany Andrea Schöpp
1987 Germany Andrea Schöpp
1988 Germany Almut Hege
1989 Germany Almut Hege
1990 Norway Dordi Nordby
1991 Switzerland Janet Hürlimann
1992 Germany Andrea Schöpp
1993 Germany Andrea Schöpp
2002 Switzerland Carine Mattille
2003 Switzerland Nicole Strausak
2004 Switzerland Silvana Tirinzoni
2005 Switzerland Irene Schori
2006 Switzerland Manuela Kormann
2007 Switzerland Mirjam Ott Russia Liudmila Privivkova
2008 Switzerland Mirjam Ott Switzerland Marlene Albrecht 14,000
2009 Scotland Eve Muirhead Germany Andrea Schöpp 16,000
2010 Switzerland Mirjam Ott Switzerland Binia Feltscher 16,000
2011 Germany Andrea Schöpp Switzerland Mirjam Ott 16,000
2012 Switzerland Michèle Jäggi Switzerland Mirjam Ott 16,000
2013 Russia Anna Sidorova Switzerland Silvana Tirinzoni 14,000
2014 Russia Anna Sidorova Switzerland Lisa Gisler 14,000
2015 Switzerland Binia Feltscher Russia Anna Sidorova 14,000
2016 Switzerland Melanie Barbezat Germany Andrea Schöpp 14,000


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