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An international decoration is a military award which is not bestowed by a particular country, but rather by an international organization such as the United Nations or NATO. Such awards are normally issued as service medals, for participation in various international military operations, and not for specific acts of heroism or bravery.

The following is a list of the most commonly recognized international military decorations:

United Nations (UN)[edit]

  • United Nations Medal.svg UNOGIL - Observation Group in Lebanon
  • UNOC.gif UNOC - Congo
  • UNMOP Medal bar.gif UNMOP - Mission of Observers in Prevlaka
  • UNTAES.png UNTAES - Transitional Admin for Eastern Slavonia, Baranja & West Sirmium
  • Verification of Human Rights in Guatemala Medal ribbon.png MINUGUA - Mision de las Naciones Unidas en Guatemala
  • Verification Mission in the Central African Republic Medal ribbon.png MINURCA - Verification Mission in the Central African Republic
  • Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo Medal ribbon.png UNMIK - Mission in Kosovo
  • Observer Mission in Sierra Leone Medal.png UNOMSIL - Observer Mission In Sierra Leone
  • UNPREDEP.png UNPREDEP - Preventive Deployment Force
  • Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Medal ribbon.png UNMONUC - Congo 2000 -
  • Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea Medal ribbon.png UNMEE - Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
  • Headquarters Medal ribbon.png UNHQ - Headquarters New York
  • UN Mission in Sudan ribbon.png UNMIS - Mission in Sudan
  • UNPSG.png UNPSG - Police Support Group
  • Transitional Administration in East Timor Medal ribbon.png UNMISET - Mission of Support in East Timor
  • UNONUB.png UNONUB - Operation in Burundi

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)[edit]

European Union (EU)[edit]

International Control Commission[edit]

International Commission of Control and Supervision[edit]

Organization of American States[edit]

System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA)[edit]

Multinational Force and Observers[edit]


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