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This is a list of international news channels, categorised by continent.

International news networks with channels in several languages[edit]

Network English Arabic Spanish French Russian German Persian Turkish Other
Euronews + + + + + + + + Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Hungarian; discontinued: Polish, Ukrainian
CGTN (China) CGTN, CGTN America, CGTN Africa CGTN Arabic CGTN Spanish CGTN French CGTN Russian - - - -
IRIB (Iran) Press TV Al-Alam HispanTV PressTV Français - - IRINN - Sahar TV (Azeri)
DD (India) DD India - - - - - - -
DW (Germany) + + + - - + - - News bulletins in numerous languages aired by foreign networks
France 24 + + + + - - - - -
CNN (US) CNN International, CNNj, CNN Philippines, CNN-News18 (India) - CNN en Español, CNN Chile - - - - CNN Türk CNN Indonesia (Indonesian),CNN News18 (English,India)
RT (Russia) RT International, RT America, RT UK RT Arabic RT Spanish RT Français - RT Deutsch (launch postponed) - - -
BBC (UK) BBC World News BBC Arabic Television - - News bulletin for Dozhd TV channel - BBC Persian Television - News bulletins in Hindi, Urdu, Pashto and other languages
i24NEWS (Israel) + + Weekly Spanish news bulletin at i24NEWS English + - - - - -
TRT (Turkey) TRT World TRT Al Arabiya - - - - - TRT Türk TRT Avaz (Bosnian and various Turkic languages with subtitles in Turkish)
PTV (Pakistan) PTV World - - - - - PTV News with news bulletins in Arabic, Balochi, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Urdu, and other languages
Al Jazeera (Qatar) Al Jazeera English Al Jazeera - - - - - Al Jazeera Türk (launch cancelled) Al Jazeera Balkans (Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian); Al Jazeera Urdu (launch cancelled)
Sky News (UK) Sky News, Sky News Australia Sky News Arabia - - - - - - -
Africanews + Planned - + - - - - Planned: Swahili, Portuguese
Telesur (Venezuela) Web-based channel - + - - - - - Produces news bulletins in Portuguese which were aired by Brazilian and Lusophone African TV networks
CNBC (US) CNBC, CNBC Africa, CNBC Europe, CNBC Latin America, CNBC World, CNBC TV18, CNBC Asia CNBC Arabiya - - - - - CNBC-e (discontinued) Class CNBC (Italian), Nikkei CNBC (Japanese), SBS-CNBC (Korean), CNBC Indonesia (Indonesian), CNBC Malaya, CNBC Tamilan, CNBC Bangles, CNBC Bajar (Gujarati), CNBC Awaaz (Hindi), CNBC Kurdish (Kurmanci and Sorani); discontinued: TVN CNBC (Polish)
WION (India) WION - - - - - - - News bulletins in Hindi Zee News
Republic Media Networks (India) Republic TV - - - - - - - Republic Bharat (Hindi)

Other news channels aimed specifically at international audience[edit]

  • China: CNC World
  • Georgia: PIK was a Caucasus-focused news channel broadcasting in Russian in 2010-2012.
  • Japan: NHK World-Japan (English).
  • Lebanon: Al Mayadeen is an Arabic channel associated with Syria's president Bashar al-Assad. Al-Manar is a Hezbollah-affiliated Arabic news channel. Al Jadeed also brands itself as a pan-Arab channel.
  • South Korea: Arirang (English).
  • Poland: Belsat TV is a Belarus-oriented satellite channel run by Polish state-owned Telewizja Polska.
  • Saudi Arabia: Al Arabiya is a Saudi-owned UAE-based pan-Arab television news channel.
  • Ukraine: Jewish News One (2011-2014) was a privately owned Ukrainian news channel aimed at international Jewish audience, broadcasting in English and Russian. After the start of the war in Donbas the channel was rebranded as Ukraine Today with exclusively English programming. It ceased operations in 2017. Government-managed UATV started test broadcasts in October 2015; as of 2017 it produced news bulletins in English, Arabic, Russian, Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian. Non-profit Hromadske.TV runs its English programs as Hromadske International.
  • US: Voice of America offers TV programming in numerous languages available online and aired as blocks by foreign networks. CurrentTime TV is a joint effort by VOA and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to produce a 24/7 TV service in Russian. Alhurra is an Arabic-language state-funded satellite TV news channel. TV Martí is another American governmental TV service, broadcasting for Cuba in Spanish. Bloomberg Television is a privately owned international business news channel. Its Indonesian version Bloomberg TV Indonesia was functioning in 2013-2015.
  • Pan-African: Africa 24, Presse Africaine, Africable (French), A24 news channel, Arise News, Africa Independent Television, TVC News (English).
  • RTVI is a channel oriented at Russian-speaking audiences worldwide, but unavailable in Russia.
  • NTDTV is an international channel affiliated with Falun Gong new religious movement.
  • (World News Views Channel) is a YouTube international News channel

News/generalist channels aimed at citizens and relevant language audiences abroad[edit]

Most of these are spin-offs of domestic channels, rearranged and refurbished for international broadcasting. All in respective national languages.

By annual budget[edit]

Channel Country Annual budget Year References
RT Russia $77 million 2007 [1]
France 24 France $123 million 2010 [1]
Deutsche Welle Germany $291 million 2010 [1]
Doordarshan India $127 million 2009
VOXAFRICA Africa $100 million 2016
Voice of America USA $355.87 million 2015 [2]
BBC World News United Kingdom $80 million 2016 [3]


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