International rankings of Bulgaria

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These are the international rankings of Bulgaria

Geographic rankings[edit]

14th largest country in Europe

Demographic rankings[edit]

Organization Survey Ranking
United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index 55 out of 187
University of Leicester Satisfaction with Life Index 164 out of 178
Economist Intelligence Unit Quality-of-life Index 57 out of 111
none Home ownership rate 8th
New Economics Foundation Happy Planet Index 82 out of 143
Global Footprint Network Ecological footprint 43rd
World Health Organization Alcohol consumption per capita 27th
World Health Organization Cigarette consumption per capita 32 out of 121
World Health Organization Suicide rate 48 out of 107
World Resources Institute Coffee consumption per capita 43 out of 143
World Bank Vehicles per capita 38 out of 138

Economic rankings[edit]

Organization Survey Ranking
Fraser Institute Economic Freedom of the World 28 out of 30
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 73 out of 178
World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 62 out of 144
Foreign Policy Globalization Index 32 out of 181

Political rankings[edit]

Organization Survey Ranking
Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index 51 out of 167
Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index 87 out of 178[1]
Fund for Peace Failed States Index 130 out of 1651
United Nations Public Administration Network e-Government Readiness 44 out of 50
  • 1Note: lower ranking at the FSI means more sustainable, and higher means more unstable.

Military rankings[edit]

Organization Survey Ranking
Institute for Economics and Peace Global Peace Index[2] 53 out of 153
none List of countries by number of troops 72nd
SIPRI World's largest arms exporters 14th


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