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The Internet Association
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TypeTrade association
Key people
Michael Beckerman; President & CEO

The Internet Association (IA) is a United States industry trade group based in Washington, D.C., which represents internet companies.[1] It was founded in 2012 by several companies, including Google, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook, and is headed by the president and CEO Michael Beckerman.[2]

IA lobbies Congress, the courts, foreign governments, federal and state agencies, and state and local governments on a range of regulatory issues.[3] The group also publishes economic research on the internet economy.

Group members have included companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Etsy, Expedia, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix and PayPal, among others.[4]


On July 25, 2012, news outlets reported that several internet companies, including Google, Amazon, eBay and Facebook were founding a new lobbying group. Michael Beckerman was appointed President and CEO of the new Internet Association, set to publicly launch in September 19 of that year.[5][6][7]


The Internet Association is a lobbying group, and reported $1.5 million in political lobbying in the year 2014.[8]

Net neutrality[edit]

The association contested the FCC's initial net neutrality proposal in July 2014, advocating stronger neutrality rules.[9] It later praised the newer rules that surfaced in early 2015, advocating for net neutrality rules to apply equally to wireless and wired internet connections,[10] and applauded the development of net neutrality legislation by the Republican Party in the US Congress, which was developed as an alternative to the FCC reclassification proposal.[11]

The association supported the 2015 Open Internet Order, lobbying for it in the press, Congress and the courts.[12][13] It opposed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's Restoring Internet Freedom Order.[14]

It participated in the "Day of Action to Save the Internet" during the summer of 2017. It created a micro-site and video directing Americans to send comments to the FCC opposing the Restoring Internet Freedom Order,[15][16] and stated plans to participate in lawsuits to overturn the Order as an intervenor.[17][18]

Intellectual property[edit]

The association advocates patent reform legislation, to make it more difficult for patent trolls to sue for patent damages.[19]


In September 2018, Internet Association called for federal privacy legislation and released policy principles for a federal privacy law. [20] [21][22]

Sharing economy[edit]

In 2015, Internet Association president and CEO Michael Beckerman criticized the Seattle authorities for allowing transportation network company drivers to form unions, claiming that it would "undermine the ability of for-hire and ride-sharing companies to operate".[23][24]

In 2017, the Internet Association opposed California AB 375, a data privacy bill that would require Internet service providers to obtain customers' permission to collect and sell their browsing history, citing desensitization and security as the basis for their opposition.[25]

IA opposed Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher's "tipping bill", arguing that the market, not the state, should dictate company decisions in the sector.[26] The group similarly opposed an FCC vote on net neutrality in December 2017.[27]


During negotiations over NAFTA in 2017, the IA supported a strong "safe harbor" protection, similar to the DMCA provision, for cases such as internet firms whose users post pirated content.[28]

Intermediary liability[edit]

IA backed intermediary liability protections when opposing FOSTA [29] and supporting Airbnb in its case against the city of San Francisco.[30] IA also sponsored an advertising campaign in support of Airbnb in Chicago during the company's negotiations with the Emanuel administration regarding additional regulation and taxes.[31]

Global internet governance[edit]

In 2016, IA led the coalition behind an amicus brief opposing an attempt to block the transition of internet domain oversight from the U.S. to an international governing body.[32] The group then participated in the IANA transition which privatized the organization’s function at ICANN. The Hill listed it among the “Top 10 Lobbying Victories in 2016.” [33]


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