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The Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) is an international conference concerning numerous aspects of e-business organized by the International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA). The inaugural conference was held in Copenhagen 2000. It has since then been held in Stockholm, Las Vegas, Berlin, Vancouver, Montreal, Gothenburg and New York City. The conference was started by Lennart Svanberg.

Speakers have included Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Watch), Jeffrey Eisenberg (Future Now, Inc.), Jim Wilson (Jim World), Lucas Morea (LatinEdge), Mitch Joel (Twist Image), Scott Ferber (, Stephen Turner (ClickTracks), Matthew Colebourne (coComment), Brian Clifton (Google).

The conference has tackled the subjects of web strategy, social media, onsite behavioral targeting, competitive intelligence, web analytics, multivariate testing and all aspects of eMarketing (search marketing, affiliate marketing etc.)

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