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Internet Solutions
Founded January 1993[1]
Headquarters Johannesburg, South Africa
Key people
Saki Missaikos (CEO) [2]
Services Cloud Computing, Connectivity, Data Centres, Security and Communications[3]
Parent Dimension Data

Internet Solutions (IS) is a South African company which was founded in 1993.[4] It is an Internet Protocol (IP) Communications Service Provider on the African continent and a subsidiary of Dimension Data. The company provides connectivity services, cloud offerings as well as carrier services to corporate enterprises.

Internet Solutions maintains its own tier one international network and its own network nodes in North America, Europe and Asia, where it interconnects with Internet backbone providers. The company lands this international bandwidth at multiple points in Africa. Internet Solutions provides services to 80 percent of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the company also has a presence in Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Mauritius, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola and Ghana.

Company structure[edit]

Internet Solutions is wholly owned by Dimension Data, with its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Subsidiaries include Ignite, AlwaysOn, VAST and MWEB.[5][6][7]


In 1997, Dimension Data acquired Internet Solutions by purchasing the remaining 75% of the company. Ronnie Apteker, one of the founders of Internet Solutions stated that one of the main reasons for selling the company was to enhance the company's ability to deliver to the market and has joined forces with Dimension Data to meet market needs.[8]

In 2006, the company began expanding into Africa, launching in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana in 2008 and Mozambique in 2009.[9]

In 2013, Internet Solutions provided an uncapped and unshaped 1Gbit/s internet connection during the rAge 2013[10] which is the biggest Computer LAN event in South Africa. This was a milestone in South African gaming industry.

In 2014, the company announced that it joined the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI).[11] Additionally, the company acquired ContinuitySA, a provider of business continuity management services to public and private organisations. The terms of the acquisition enabled ContinuitySA to retain their brand and operational autonomy, whilst also maintaining its vendor neutral stance.[12]

In 2015, the company acquired the MWEB Business and Optinet Network Services divisions of MWEB, South Africa's second largest consumer Internet Service Provider.[13]

In December 2016, the company announced that it had entered an agreement with Naspers to acquire MWEB as an entry into the residential consumer Internet market.[14][15] On 9 May 2017, it was announced that the South African competition authorities approved the proposed acquisition of MWEB with 31 May 2017 being the effective date of the sale.[16][17]

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