Internet Tonight

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Internet Tonight
Starring Scott Herriott
Michaela Pereira
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Lee Brownstein
Producer(s) Edward M. Capuano (senior producer)
Patrick Flaherty (line producer)
Matthew Hawn (online producer)
David A. Lockhart (producer)
Wade Beckett (associate producer)
George Crowe
Frances Lee Hall
Liam Mayclem
Laura Rohde
Camera setup Multicamera
Running time appx. 23 minutes
Original network ZDTV/TechTV
Original release May 11, 1998 – October 1, 2001

Internet Tonight (1998 – October 1, 2001[1]) is a television program on the cable network ZDTV (later known as TechTV, now known as G4). The show combined the "effervescent moxie" of Michaela Pereira with the "dry wit" of Scott Herriott, to bring the viewers the latest in Internet trends, humor, and news.[2] Due to the production value it was called the "absolute slickest show [TechTV] had" but was canceled when "Paul [Allen] took a dislike to the show ... and just killed it"[3]

A daily, half-hour show, it was on the launch schedule for ZDTV,[4][5] and strove to be "the show of record about the Net."[2] Segments included Strange Sites, Incredibly Useful Sites, and Home Sweet Homepage. The collection of these links were amassed into an archive called The Big List and on each show Scott's trademark was to yell 'THE BIG LIST' at its first mention.[6] The show had contributing correspondents, most with their own dedicated segment:[7]

  • The Surf Guru – ZDTV'S night watchman and self-proclaimed net expert played by Ed Marques.[8]
  • Meghan Marx – the host of Love Online with[9]
  • Liam Mayclem – the Music Online reporter[10] and
  • Roving reporter SuChin Pak[5]


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