Internet Wala Love

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Internet Wala Love
Internet Wala Love Poster.jpg
Hindiइंटरनेट वाला लव
Composer(s)Rahul Jain
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes103 as of 16 January 2019
Producer(s)Sunjoy Waddhwa
Running time20 minutes approx.
Production company(s)Sphere Origins
DistributorViacom 18
Original networkColors TV
Picture format
Original release27 August 2018 (2018-08-27) – Present
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Internet Wala Love (previously known as E-Love;[1] lit. Internet Love) is a Hindi television drama show which airs on Colors TV.[2] The series is produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa under the banner of Sphere Origins. It stars Shivin Narang and Tunisha Sharma.[3]


The show is about two individuals, Jai Mittal and Aadhya Verma, who live miles apart but are connected through social media. Jai is a radio jockey of Ishq FM and is a complete extrovert. On the other hand, Aadhya works as a scriptwriter and a radio jockey of Ishq FM but is an introvert who does not like socializing much. Their paths keep crossing as per their destiny and each time they meet they start fighting on that spot. Enters Samrat Mittal, Jai's cousin, genius, but sexually harasses girls. He falls for Aadhya, and creates a rift between the two. Aadhya exposes Samrat's real face to the world with the help of technology, the ongoing Me Too Movement and with the support of the girls, Samrat has previously harassed.

Jai's mother, Roopa Mittal, call-up Aishwarya, Jai's ex-girlfriend and Aadhya's college friend, just to separate him from Aadhya. Meanwhile, Aadhya starts falling for Jai, but Jai considers her nothing more than his best friend. Roopa gets to know Aadhya's feeling for Jai, and doesn't want it to happen, the marriage between the two. Samrat returns for revenge. Aish, Roopa, and Samrat constantly try to create misunderstandings between the two. Only Aadhya falls into their trap, and just "tear-off" amazed Jai. Roopa kicks Aish out of her house. Aish joins hands with Samrat and they both try to put the final nail in the coffin but fail.

Jai gets to know the evil plans just in time. Samrat imprisoned. Jai comes to know that his mom, the new boss of Ishq FM was involved in all this. Aadhya feels sorry for breaking the trust and persuades Jai. Roopa drugs Jai through a mocktail and he confesses his love to Aadhya and kisses her.[4] She takes it seriously and does the same. Next, Jai apologizes Aadhya for kissing her where she misunderstands Jai. Aadhya writes a love letter to Jai in which she writes that she loves someone but does not mention his name. Jai keeps troubling Aadhya to ask who her boyfriend is.

Enters PK, Savvy's brother. Aadhya and PK play a fake drama that they both are going to be married but the things become serious as Jai tells Aadhya's father, Shubhankar Verma about all this and he slaps Aadhya in front of all which leads to infinite rifts between Jai and Aadhya. In the mean time, Aadhya's younger sister, Diya and PK fall in love with each other. Jai misunderstands Aadhya which insists her to leave Delhi and shift alone to Mumbai. He burns all of Aadhya's memory and gifts in Lohri and confronts her to be a liar. He breaks Aadhya's heart. Later, he realises his mistake.




  • Jayati Bhatia as Roopa Mittal, Jai's mother
  • Varun Badola as Shubhankar Verma, Aadhya's father
  • Sushil Parashar as Jai's grandfather
  • Yamini Singh as Jai's grandmother
  • Krutika Deo as Savita Kumar aka Savvy, Aadhya's friend
  • Abhinav Kapoor as Prena Kumar aka PK, Savvy's brother[5]
  • Asawari Joshi as Sushma Kumar, Savvy's mother and Roopa's classmate
  • Sanjay Choudhary as Rajat Mehta, Jai's friend
  • Sagar Parekh as Vihaan aka Lugaai, Jai's friend
  • Simran Natekar as Diya Verma, Aadhya's sister (previously played by Anushka Sen)[6]
  • Hetal Puniwala as Jai's uncle
  • Priti Gandwani as Jai's aunt
  • Poorti Arya as Tanisha
  • Puja Joshi as Aishwarya, Jai's ex-girlfriend and Aadhya's college friend
  • Shweta Choudhary as Aadhya's mother
  • Naveen Saini as Purushottam Mittal, Jai's father
  • Kanwar Dhillon as Samrat Mittal, Jai's cousin[7]
  • Minissha Lamba as Mahira,[8] a wedding planner and owner of a radio station[9][10]

Special appearances[edit]


The show is produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa under the banner of Sphere Origins. The name was earlier decided to be E-Love but later, the makers titled the show as Internet Wala Love.[11]


Jai and Aadhya were appeared in crossover episodes of:


Internet Wala Love is a rather new take on love and marriages today. Coming from the perspective of the youth, it focuses on the most important aspect for youngsters today– the internet. The show is a fresh take on love, relationships and marriages.


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